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Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet and Kwesé TV, recently announced on Facebook that Kwesé TV will be offering 5 free channels to you even if you don’t pay for any subscription. The free channels are Kwesé FREE Sport (KFS), Kwesé FREE Entertainment (KFE), African News, Local FREE-To-Air channels and Flow TV.

All you will need to access these channels is buy a decoder, get it installed and you can start watching these free channels for free without a subscription. If you’re in Zimbabwe, when you get your first Kwesé TV subscription, you will get 30 days of a full subscription for free.

Speaking of subscriptions, Strive also announced that Zimbabweans will be getting an extra 30 days of Kwesé TV subscription for free (on top of the normal free 30 days subscription that you get when you first get Kwesé TV) since they faced 2 weeks of service disruptions when Kwesé TV was temporarily shutdown due to legal proceedings.

Kwesé TV Zimbabwe finally joined the Kwesé TV revolution that is sweeping across Africa, after the High Court confirmed last Friday that its license was valid. As a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to give Zimbabweans whose service was disrupted for two weeks an extra 30 days for FREE. – Strive Masiyiwa

Now, back to the channels, Kwesé FREE Sport will show one free live English Premier League game and NBA games for you sports fans to keep up to date with what’s going on in your favourite sports. Kwesé FREE Entertainment is a new general entertainment channel which will show the latest premium shows including kids, movies, series and African entertainment. This channel will be going live in January though.

African News will show news from around Africa. Local FREE-To-Air channels will include every national broadcaster channel available. So probably ZBC will come in as part of a free channel under this category. The last channel that will be available for free is Flow TV, it is a Christian channel, you be able to watch a range of shows that explore various aspects of being a Christian.

Offering free channels is a good move for Kwesé TV as their direct competitor in Zimbabwe, DStv, only offers two free channel: channel 100 which only shows promotional content and you wouldn’t watch it unless if you were totally bored. The other channel they offer for free is the local national broadcaster channel ZBC. So it’s interesting to see if these free channels will be enough to get someone to just get Kwesé TV and stick to it for a while before they eventually become a subscriber.

Let us know what you think about this, are you a DStv subscriber who has recently switched to Kwesé TV? Why did you switch initially? If you are still a DStv subscriber or maybe not even one, would these 5 free channels and the extra 30 days of subscription be enough to get you to be a Kwesé TV viewer?

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  1. Anonymous

    anyone want to buy my DSTV decoder + dish?

  2. Mdharaja

    Where to get us$ 10 years jail term when caught buying greens in the streets

  3. Anonymous

    Confirm: Pa live English Premier League mukutaura the free to air match of the week?

    1. Rufaro Madamombe

      Hi. Yes, it’s the free to air match of the week. Let me update it to be more clear. Thanks

  4. Sagitarr

    You used old DStv pricing in your comparison. Compact bouquet, for instance, now costs $25. If one banks with NMB Bank one can pay via internet banking at a cost of $4. It’s early days yet for me to move over…

  5. Munya

    Yah thats what l call good marketing already my wife thinks its a good option and way to go, me being me l love my EPL and champions leagues now that dstv reduced prices too, its a dilema

    1. gtr


  6. TJ

    simple as this, i’m rugby and none of them offer that, plus whether kwese or dstv, they all repeat programmes, i’d rather stick to DsTV which if people don’t know was originally a Zimbabwean concept that we let slip through our fingers. If there had been no bureaucracy at that time we would be rolling in it so please those that don’t know…DsTv was original a Zim concept and we gave it SA

    1. tynash

      not true

  7. TJ

    what i seeon dstv i get on kwese, give me something new. all i seen on kwese i already seen on dstv. when it comes to cartoons channels kwese hits the spot but seriously i’m i gonna be paying for the latest cartoons when i wanna watch rugby

  8. Mombe


  9. Anonymous

    I had mine installed today. love it already, and the installation took couple of minutes. service was great. I am now done with dstv

    1. sue

      DSTV is rubbish they do not have good customer care

  10. nyasha ashly

    what is the difference btwn kwese n dstv i dnt see any i will rather stick to dstv coz its prices have gone down

  11. Anonymous

    i love dstv but i cant pay $usd5 as service charge plus my monthly subscription has to be paid in USD.
    Kwangu kuZB ndopihwa mabond coin.
    Welcome Ecocash Kwese Tv
    Bye Dstv

  12. Anonymous

    Ya DStv no longer for all the tom`s dik`s and hary`s, Apple vs Android thind, ya nyaya ye status iyi

  13. Taffy

    I love wrestling, bt I didn’t find it on kwese tv

  14. pumuzila

    I love DSTV but I dont have us dollars so Kwese is a good altenative

  15. shingi

    they told us they are supz to be more than 90 channels but to my suprise only 65 ……. can anyone tell mi where are the other 25 channels i can find them even radio channels too help mi pliz

  16. shingi

    *** i cant find

  17. sada f

    also add zee world, more english premiership games and our our own Ztv and i will be a Kwese for life

  18. Anonymous

    Series bho apo