Wanna be a ‘technite’ but earn more than a Technite? Yes, a Super Technite

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Kwese TV recently launched in Zimbabwe and has seen a lot of demand which has created jobs for people to install the satellite entertainment service. Technites are the ones who install Kwese TV among many other things they do. Techzim recently wrote about how to complete Technites registration and become a Technite but to be one, you need to be under a Super Technite.

So what is a Super Technite?

In case you want to be a Technite or even lead your own team of Technites as a Super Technite, you might want to understand what a Super Technite is. Essentially, a Super Technite is a supervisor to her team of Technites and they get to make sure that the team is completing jobs in high quality and on time.

For jobs like installing fibre optic, solar power or satellite TV at people’s home, a Technite will definitely need to be under a supervisor unlike with small trade jobs like plumbing or carpentry that don’t necessarily need a Super Technite to monitor a Technite. As a Super Technite, you’ll also be responsible for providing the equipment or material for your team to use at the jobs in the area and you will distribute those items to them.

Now, that’s all interesting but there’s still one question you might be having. If a Technite can potentially earn up to $1500/month installing Kwese TV, how much can a Super Technite earn? You’ll need to get your team to complete a minimum of 10 jobs a day and let’s say the team does complete the 10 jobs, a Super Technite will get around $4 over and above what the Technite gets so it’ll be around $40/day.

That sounds like a good deal right? So you might be wondering how do you actually complete registration and become one?

How to complete Technites registration and become a Super Technite

So you know what a Super Technite will be responsible for and you might be thinking about registering to be one but before you go into that, make sure you have the necessary requirements.

  1. Make sure you have the necessary requirements 
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Tax clearance
    • Police clearance for you and every Technite in your team
    • A minimum of 8 people to form your Technite team
    • Capacity to install 10 jobs per day
  2. Apply on their website
    • You should register on technite.com as a Super Technite
    • All the people who are to be part of your team should also register to be Technites
  3. Get the equipment for your Technites to do their job
    • You will need to provide equipment for your team and these are the tools that are needed:
      1. Ladder for each Technite
      2. Drill for each Technite
      3. Smartphone for each Technite
      4. Motor vehicle to transport the Technites
      5. Sat finder

Start leading your team as a Super Technite

Once you have all the requirements listed above, applied for the position and been accepted to be a Super Technite, you will then be able to work as one. Apart from leading the team, you will be the point of communication with Cumii, the company behind Technites. So if a complaint comes from a client, you will be the one who goes and does the job again until the client is satisfied. Thereafter, you’d need to notify Cumii of what’s happening on the ground.

So even-though the Technite is in control of how many jobs they can do per day to some extent, the Super Technite will control the measure of quality and (s)he will also be responsible for paying the Technites. It might be a lot of responsibilities, but it might be a good option for you if are a good leader and would like to earn more.


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  1. Sagitarr

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the naive way in which Zimbabweans “calculate” their pay or earnings. “Install 10 units a day and you earn $1500/month”…yeah right! Life is NOT what it should be but what it is. There is hardly any business model out there where running capacity is 100% ALL the time!! People need to factor in less or no demand for goods in their projections/business, that way frustrations can be managed better!!