What the heck is this bitcoin? Bitcoin 101 Ep1

Edwin Chabuka Avatar

So the new kid on the block is Bitcoin but what is it anyway? We look at the definition of bitcoin hopefully in its simplest form.

We relate bitcoin to the classic paper style money we all are familiar with and touch the slightest bit on it being a Fiat Currency.



  1. Anonymous

    no volume

    1. Edwin Chabuka

      Video has volume from this end. You can hover your mouse to the bottom right of the video and check if the volume is all the way up.

      1. Sanhanga

        Nol volume, using my fon

  2. MasterMind

    This should actually be a TV program, I love the way the producer and presenter have deciphered this complex platform into a way that anyone can understand – well done

    1. Anonymous

      very true … we should have more programs like these