DSTV Zimbabwe States Its Position On Local Payments

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DSTV bond notes payments

Knowing how one can make a payment for their DStv subscriptions is becoming important every day. As the conditions in Zimbabwe regarding payments are ever changing, making a payment for one’s satellite entertainment is fast becoming a complicated task.

With a service that requires one to search for US dollars and then make that payment at a bank that takes over-the-counter payments is something real for Zimbabweans who are largely unbanked (if you allow me to negate EcoCash).

While searching through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a Facebook post advising on DStv’s recent reduction in prices. Along with it were comments of frustrated users want the entertainment provider to accept bond notes (Zimbabwe’s local “currency”, that the central bank says is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar). A response to one of the commenters gave greater insight to Multichoice Zimbabwe’s stance on why bond notes are not accepted.

It reads:

Good day Stanley. Thank you for contacting us and sharing your perspective.

Kindly note Dstv services should be paid through legitimate banking institutions.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe does not accept payment for subscriptions directly from DStv customers and all payments for DStv subscriptions are made by customers to financial institutions, which remit these to MultiChoice Africa, the provider of the DStv service. 

The methods, rules and decisions made by the financial institutions regarding DStv payments are beyond the control of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, although management engages these institutions on a continuous basis in the hope of influencing and encouraging them to provide services that are easy and accessible to DStv customers. 

We sincerely regret any inconvenience to customers brought about by the charges referred to.

Kindly take note of all the current available options to see if one may be more suitable to you.

Payment should be made using the smartcard number and can be made via the following payment vendors:

ABSA, CABS(specific account holders only), FBC, NMB, BARCLAYS (INTERNET BANKING for account holders only), MBCA, ECOBANK, METBANK, STANBIC, STANDARD CHARTERED (mobile banking only). 
You can also use Mobile or Internet banking provided your bank has the facility. 

There is also a new payment platform called PayU.
Pay U allows you to pay using your VISA and MasterCard online (http://eazy.dstv.com/pay). Simply, enter the cardholders’ number, card number, CVV number and expiry date as displayed on your VISA and MasterCard card.

The following banks take cash over the counter from the public, NMB, POSB.

When paying from South Africa kindly pay through ABSA bank and advise you are paying for a Zimbabwean account. Kindly use the following details for transfers directly to ABSA, kindly pay 5 days in advance of your renewal date when paying from South Africa or through ABSA
BRANCH CODE 050570590
SORT CODE 6320-05
Please indicate the 1st 10 digits of the smartcard number in the reference section. CCM .


  1. bunhu

    You can’t expect world class entertainment with a bond note. Dstv is an importer, maybe if we stopped hasseling our exporter (agric ones especially) we might not be having this conversation.

    1. real

      Dear Bunhu
      we appriciate that you are a son of a politician hence you dont understand were money comes from.I hope once you get the chance to remove your head from your behind you see the light.
      yours truelly
      Registered Voter 2018

  2. Bondy boy

    take these sh!t bond notes outside Zimbabwe and see if it will be accepted as payment? We know the story already. Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion? The bond note is as useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker !!

    1. Mbatatisi

      So I have found the people I was looking for. Can you just dump the useless papers to me since they are such a burden to you sir

  3. Bunhu

    But in light of Harvey Weinstein et al we should actually question whether we should be funding such list full idolitry

  4. Bondy boy

    Don’t get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance?

  5. Anonymous

    The issue is DSTV also have a local component, like paying local suppliers, salaries. I would really understand them if they say 70:30 proportion!

    1. real

      Does DSTV pay its employees in forex…?That company is closing soon by taking people for granted. Hidding behind bank.

  6. mbatatisi

    they pay their employees in local currency, pay rentals, taxes, utilities, stationary etc but they indirectly refuse local modes of payments. Surprisingly some of our own are supporting that. Hokoyo ne KWESE. KWESE forever.

  7. Anonymous

    people can bark all u want abt Kwese but live sport EPl laliga, champs lge havana so i will stick with my DSTV…There is no difference between kwese and openview hd

  8. Slyvester McCarthy

    Like what the Anonymous gentleman/lady said above, until Kwese gets the rights for the EPL, La Liga, and some of Seria A, the French league, Champions League and some of the major sports tournaments, then us sports lovers will stick with DSTV through thick and thin. That’s an undeniable given.

  9. Sagitarr

    Folks, the reply from DStv talks about NMB & POSB accepting payment plus those who hold accounts at these banks pay through internet banking. Choose your options according to your means and situation – we now have more options. Make yours and stop insulting others. DStv is a luxury, just like booze. Those who drink black label do not have to insult those who drink eagle or chibuku – each to his/her own. My personal preference for Multichoice is their wide choice in live sports especially soccer (Sat from lunch time till 8pm Sun from 14h till 8pm) La liga thrown in on both Sat & Sun and other games during the week!!). Kwese needs to up their GAME on this chete, payment is not an issue for me.

  10. J Mashinti

    There is no need to insult each other on the failings or otherwise of the service provider. Its akin to harassing the poor messenger if you ask me. The real authors of our predicament simply send their runners to fourth street for real dollars to pay dstv.