As a Technite, you might earn up to $1500/month installing Kwese TV

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Kwese TV recently got permission from the High Court to continue broadcasting after 2 weeks of suspended operations. Before the suspension, a Technite would come to your house to install Kwese TV and you managed to get a taste of new entertainment service while it broadcasted but that was cut too quickly.

As the demand was already high before the suspension, the 2 weeks operation suspension just made the demand go up and when the High Court ruling came, Kwese TV was now able to fulfil that demand. Technites is an Econet startup that came around 2015 to provide a platform for both skilled and unskilled individuals to sell their services that are specific to home-related problems.

While Kwese TV was getting ready to launch in Zimbabwe, Technites were being trained to install the satellite entertainment service. With the demand that’s recently come up for Kwese TV, installations have increased and as a Technite installing Kwese TV, you can earn around $10 per installation.

Herald recently interviewed a Technite by the name of Kudzanai Sekerere and he said that on average, he has completed a minimum of three Kwese TV installations in a day, however, he can even manage to do five in one day. So given how a Technite could do 5 Kwese TV installations, it means that they could get around $50 per day.

In a given month just working 5 days a week, you could get $1000/month and if you work all days of the month then that can come up to $1500 per month. That all sounds good but there’s a big problem, the demand will only last for so long meaning eventually, you won’t be able to do 5 installations per day because many people will already have Kwese TV.

Another thing is that you’re not the only Technite who has been trained to do these installations, around 1 800 Technites have already been registered in Zimbabwe and the registration process is ongoing so that number will only increase. So with so many people able to do Kwese TV installations then you could find yourself not getting those 5 jobs per day especially if the people are distributed somewhat evenly over the country.

However, if you manage to become a Technite now and start doing those installations, it can still be a good story regardless of all that. So how do you become a Technite? Follow this guide to complete the Technites registration process and become a Technite who could earn that much installing Kwese TV.

Outside of installing Kwese TV, as a Technite, you could also get jobs in plumbing, carpentry, generator maintenance, general electrical or handyman work. So when the demand for Kwese TV installations is no longer as high as it is today, you might have other jobs to do if you have the necessary skills.

What do you think about this? Is it a good opportunity? Or it’s too good to be true? Would you take it if you’re on holiday from school or are in between jobs?

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  1. Tmadaba

    Econet is abusing people how can you be paid $10 for a job which should last more than 5 years when done

    1. farai nyowana

      should a builder charge you $15 billion because the house will last for decades

    2. sykes

      ignorant sick mind.So do you have any other way of creating such an opportunity to someone who would never have accessed that line of income

  2. Lee Masuka

    In addition, a technite has to be associated with a registered and approved Super Technite in order to receive Kwese jobs

  3. Chamunorwa Katewera

    That is some great news for most of us who are in the informal sector. Hats off to Econet Wireless for this timely product that offers a chance to make money to us the informal sector people