Questions you might have on the new ‘Swipe Into EcoCash’ service answered.

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EcoCash Debit Card

Earlier on,Techzim wrote an article on the new service EcoCash launched this morning called the Swipe into EcoCash. You probably have a number of questions around the product and EcoCash has attempted to answer them below.

We would have loved to call them Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) but well…


QUESTION 1. Can I swipe with any bank card?

You can swipe with any ZimSwitch enabled card as long as it’s onto a Steward POS machine

QUESTION 2. Am I limited to the amount which I can swipe?

You can swipe $2000 per transaction. However, the number of swipes and limits depend with your banks’ terms and conditions

QUESTION 3. Can I swipe into another person’s EcoCash line?

You can only swipe into your own EcoCash account.

Question 4. What PIN do I use to complete the transaction?

You use your bank card’s pin code to complete the transaction

Question 5. Can I transact at any supermarket’s POS?

Swipe into EcoCash will be available at selected merchants and agents

Question 6. Will all Agents and Merchants be Swipe to Cash In Agents?

A list of activated Agents and Merchants will be provided

Question 7. My bank is not linked to EcoCash, can I also Swipe into EcoCash?

If your bank card is ZimSwitch enabled, it will be possible to swipe to cash in

Question 8. Can I Swipe into EcoCash if I do not have an Econet line or EcoCash account?

This service is limited to EcoCash customers with ZimSwitch bank cards only

Question 9. Can I Swipe into EcoCash outside the country?

No, service is only available to Steward Bank POS devices upon launch.

Question 10. What do I do if I do not get a notification?

You can call 114 and log your request with our EcoCash customer care team, they will track it for you.


  1. Mufaro

    Am I able to do vice versa?

  2. tinashe

    What are the transaction charges?

    1. Chamboko

      Charges are to your bank

      Remember this is a cash in or u receiving money u are not charged

      1. tendy

        will my bank charge the standard POS charge or its a different type of transaction, similar to “Bank to Wallet” charges????

  3. Minash

    The most important question was the charges

  4. Engineer

    Why not just adding on Zipit Receive

  5. Intrigued

    Master stroke by econet. . This has been done to directly combat the zipit threat… I’ve been zipit to transfer money cause it’s instant and way cheaper than rtgs cause Barclays is not zipit or ecocash integrated…I have to physically swipe into my zipit my cash card which means only pick and pay…. Now with more agent’s I don’t have to go out of my way I can just use the ecocash route… After all these years of complaining directly to them about the lack of integration econet have finally solved it for them and cut them out… Cause all charges are going to them now…. Really$5 to send 50 takes 3 days… When I can send instantly for over a dollar plus less to merchants…. And this is someone who thinks econet are expensive

  6. John

    You forgot to mention or compare the charge for Swiping against those of transferring money from the Bank to Wallet for the benefit of those who could already transact that way using Banks linked to the Ecocah platfrom. From what I already know is with the transfer of funds from Bank to Wallet one is charged 1% of the transferrable amount, what about swipe charges, is it the same or cheaper.?

  7. Takudzwa

    Thank you so much. It’s brief and straight to the point. I also wanted to know where I can get the list of supermarkets/outlets where I am able to access the facility.