How do I register for TelOne WiFi sharing?

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TelOne recently launched a service called WiFi Home and Away. The service has already been active on their website as TelOne WiFi sharing for people who use their ADSL and Fibre home internet. TelOne WiFi sharing will allow you to login to any TelOne WiFi hotspot and use the data bundle that you have on your home WiFi. To get started using TelOne WiFi sharing on one of the over 200 TelOne hotspots that are available nationwide, just follow these steps.

How do I register for TelOne WiFi sharing?

If you don’t have an account for TelOne WiFi sharing, follow these steps to register for an account.

  1. Make sure you have a self-service account and login to
    • If you don’t have a TelOne self-service account, contact their support on Facebook or WhatsApp and they will help you to set up one.
  2. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Account section using the menu located at the top left
  3. You’ll see details of your account usage, to the right, there will be information on what TelOne WiFi sharing it.
  4. Click on the button that says “SIGN UP FOR WIFI SHARING”
  5. You’ll be asked for your mobile phone number, enter it and make sure it’s a number that you have access to
    • A one-time password will be sent to that number via SMS, so wait for it as it might take 3-5 minutes to arrive
    • You’ll be shown a new page which will ask you to enter the 6 digits one-time password and also enter a password which you’ll use to login to the TelOne WiFi hotspot
  6. Enter the one-time password, create a password for your TelOne WiFi account and submit
  7. Write your TelOne WiFi sharing login details somewhere safe
    • An SMS will be sent to the number you entered earlier so look out for it
    • The SMS will contain your TelOne WiFi sharing username and the password you created earlier
    • If you didn’t get those details to your SMS then something might have gone wrong so contact TelOne support

How do I use TelOne WiFi sharing at any TelOne WiFi hotspot?

If you already have a TelOne WiFi sharing account then you can follow these steps to start using it at any TelOne WiFi hotspot.

  1. Locate a TelOne WiFi hotspot near you and go there with the login details you got from registering
  2. Connect your laptop or smartphone to the TelOne WiFi hotspot
  3. You’ll be shown a login page for you to log in, click the drop-down box and select Broadband Account
  4. Enter your TelOne WiFi sharing username in the USERNAME box
    • The username should have a number and end with, enter the full username including that part
  5. Enter your TelOne WiFi sharing password into the PASSWORD box
    • This is the password that you created when registering and that you received via SMS after completing registration
  6. Tick “I accept Terms and Conditions”
  7. Click the login button and you should be connected if your details were correct
    • If you are unable to log in, double check your details and try again otherwise contact TelOne support

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