URGENT: This is your chance to nominate candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board (BAZ)

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Parliament is calling on the public to nominate candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) board.

This notice is to be treated as URGENT since the deadline for submission is tomorrow, the 30th of September 2017. If you have not submitted your nominations yet, time is running out.

By now most of us know what BAZ is. We know them for being the organisation that twice got Kwese TV banned in Zimbabwe. BAZ has not had a board for years and yet the Broadcasting Services Act requires that certain decisions be made by the whole board. This led to the BAZ CEO making decisions by himself, like cancelling Dr Dish’ licence, the licence which had brought Kwese TV to this country.

As Dr Dish took BAZ and its CEO to court they challenged the decisions made by the CEO, citing that he had acted beyond his powers. As we read the urgent chamber application submitted by Dr Dish’s lawyers most of us felt change was needed at BAZ.

Now is our chance to influence how BAZ carries out its many functions, the evaluation of applications for all broadcasting licences being the one we are most interested in. The board as a collective is responsible for this and if we can get progressive people on that board the better the chances that we could have new licensees in the future.  BAZ is also responsible for monitoring broadcasting licensees’ tariffs among other things.

The Broadcasting Services Act provides that Parliament must give the president six nominations from which the president chooses three to be appointed to the BAZ board. At least one of the three should be a woman. Parliament in coming up with the nominations has called on us, the public to assist.

You might be wondering how many members in total are appointed to the BAZ board. That number is 12 (twelve.) So the chance we have is to get three out of twelve. That leaves nine we do not have influence on their appointment. So it is not quite a home run. BAZ will probably act just like it has been since the nomination of the other nine members to the board is not open to the public. That is assuming the nominations we make as the public will be considered seriously by Parliament.

The Candidates

The candidates to be nominated must be Zimbabwean citizens and have ‘integrity and experience and competence in broadcasting matters.’ Remember that of the three to be appointed one must be a woman so be sure to include both women and men.

How to submit the nominations

In addition to the filled out nomination form (find link to download below), a typewritten submission that is no more than 2 A4 pages long is required. The nomination material should state why the nominated candidate is suitable for the position.

Where to address the nominations

The nominations must be addressed to the Clerk of Parliament in envelopes clearly marked with the name of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe if it posted (do not think you can still do this, deadline is tomorrow) or hand delivered. Alternatively you can email the nominations.

The Parliament of Zimbabwe

Parliament Building

Cnr. K. Nkrumah Avenue and Third Street

P.O. Box CY 298

Causeway, Harare

Email: hr@parlzim.gov.zw

Download the nomination form here.


  1. MacdChip

    Since when do people get appointed on merit in Zim?

    Bt thats not to say do not do it! We can participate to make sure the corrupt system is kept on the limelight.

    All the people in gvt are closely related even in opposition, and they pick their own when ever a opportunity comes up.

  2. Tino

    Thanks for reminder we already sent submissions.

  3. Save Nave

    Vote For APA kwete even a nominations enyu….hawashandi

    Dr nkosana moyo

    hosana nkosana

  4. shumbasamaita

    This BAZ CEO must be cut to size why does he act above his powers? It clearly means he does not understand his job and this is an opportunity for the incoming board to show him the door.