How to shop safely on BE FORWARD (beforward) Avoid scams and fraud!

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So you have decided it is time to buy yourself a well deserved car and you have made BE FORWARD the site of choice. You have heard a lot of satisfied BE FORWARD customers narrate their success stories but you have also heard of those that were scammed. Let us discuss what you need to do make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

The tips we are going to share apply anywhere but the specifics we will be looking at apply to BE FORWARD. You can research the specific details for whatever other site you might want, bank account for example, and apply the tips discussed here.

Your E-mail

If you are going to be shopping online on a site like BE FORWARD your e-mail is very important. You have to manage your e-mail account carefully. If someone gains access to your account they can do all sorts of things. Remember e-mail will be your main communication tool with BE FORWARD so someone could change the address the car is supposed to be sent to, for example.

The basic safety procedures have to be followed. You might know them already as they are common knowledge but we will go through them:

  • Make sure you have a strong password. Change it to something that cannot easily be guessed. password1 is not a password. Let it not be your child’s name or anything someone who knows you can guess. Family or friends can scam you too.
  • Make sure you change the password regularly too. You can utilise password managers to help you set very strong passwords that you change regularly.
  • Never give anyone your password. Do not discuss it in public, especially in a place with strangers like an internet cafe.
  • If you are in a public place like the mentioned internet cafe, take extra care that no one sees your password as you type it. Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you type it in.
  • Make it a habit to log out of your e-mail account when you are done using your computer. If left logged in, someone can access your e-mail account.
  • If using a computer that is not yours like in an internet cafe, take extra measures. You need to log out and also delete browser history (some already do this for a different reason.) Do this on a personal computer too, maybe just the email history if it is your computer.
  • In an internet cafe make sure to close the browser too after you are done.

BE FORWARD’s e-mail

They have just one e-mail account they will contact you with.

The e-mail is;

Careful to check the e-mail address whenever you receive an e-mail from anyone purporting to be from BE FORWARD.  The e-mail address has to match exactly with the one listed above. Some will leave out some letters and some will be gmail accounts. Do not believe those.

The correct website

What you want is to make payment in the correct bank account. How do you make sure you have the right bank account? The BE FORWARD website is where you find it obviously but how do you know you are on the right website? There are many fake websites masquerading as the official website.

The official website is: Below is a screenshot of the website, make sure the one you visit looks like that. Make sure to confirm that the URL says and not something else.

BE FORWARD screenshot

The following are fake websites;; and many more.

The correct Facebook account

The right one is easy to find. The page is simply called BE FORWARD (@beforward). Look out for the number of likes the page has. As of the 28th of September 2017 the page has over 560 000 likes and people following the page. Any other page is a fake page.

Also remember that BE FORWARD will NEVER send you any invitations, offers to do price negotiations or sell you cars over Facebook. So if any page purporting to be BE FORWARD has deals for you on Facebook do not fall for it.

This is what the real Facebook account looks like,

BE FORWARD Facebook screenshot

Making your payment

As stated above, you can find the correct bank account to make payment to on the official website. Here are the details;

Account Name: BE FORWARD CO.,LTD.


Swift Code: SMBCJPJT

Branch Name: WEBSITE BRANCH by SWIFT directly (BRANCH CODE:988)

Branch Address: 1-37-12 FUDA CHOFU-SHI TOKYO 182-0024 JAPAN

Verify these bank details with the ones on their website. When making payment make sure every detail listed above matches exactly. If not, DO NOT make payment. BE FORWARD has just one account. They do not Western Union or other accounts. Use just the one above.

Closing remarks

If you check the details and remember the official details you will be safe;

Bank account name: BE FORWARD CO.,LTD

E-mail address:


Remember too that if in doubt it is better to incur the cost and make the international call to Japan. Make sure to call their headquarters to seek any clarification on anything you may not understand.

The number to call is;  +81-42-440-3440 This is a Tokyo number and can be called Mon-Fri. 

It is good to remember too that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is, cliche as that may sound. Do not fall for those out of this world deals. Call BE FORWARD headquarters to verify any major changes. On the official website you will find a list of agents and their numbers. You can contact those too.

Follow these steps and your car will get to you without incident. If shopping on a different site make sure you find the correct website where you will find the correct bank account, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Safe shopping!

Remember it is not just cars that you can shop for on BE FORWARD, you can buy laptops too. You can also make your payment using Bitcoin for both laptops and cars.


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