How to buy Telecel or NetOne airtime using EcoCash

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They say necessity is the mama of all inventions, so when the going gets tough instead of just whining some people find solutions.

Cash is a problem, no doubt. We’ve tried to go with plastic money but things like airtime are still not so easy to swipe for particularly if you don’t intend on buying anything else besides a dollar worth of airtime.

Uuuh, well for Econet users that is not really a problem since there’s EcoCash but not so much for other network subscribers i.e. Telecel and NetOne. Of course there’s Telecash and OneMoney but really, who uses those?

Nonetheless, the major problem started when people started migrating from Econet to other mobile networks because it became expensive. Not really became expensive as in shot up, but rather remained at the same price while the rest of the mobile networks became cheaper by means of promotions etc. and because the money is in the Ecocash line, it becomes difficult for people to move to any other network.

Well, good news is you can actually move to any other mobile network as you see fit without being bound by the fear of how to then get airtime even without cash.

Option 1

You can buy right here on Techzim. If you scroll to the bottom of this article or to the bottom of any article on Techzim, you will find a simple form to enter your number (NetOne, Telecel or Econet), the amount of airtime you want and the EcoCash number you want to pay with. Click ‘Buy’ and check your EcoCash phone to confirm the transaction by entering your EcoCash PIN.

The same form can be accessed on this page for buying NetOne, Telecel and Econet airtime with EcoCash and it works exactly the same way.

Option 2

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the number to be recharged, the Amount of Airtime and the EcoCash number that will make the payment
  3. Click on Buy
  4. The mobile phone with the EcoCash line will then immediately get a prompt to approve the payment
  5. Once approved, the phone number to be recharged will be topped up.


Option 3: Buy On WhatsApp

For those times when you are unable to use the regular web because you have no bundles, you can still use WhatsApp to buy airtime.

Here are the steps:

  1. You send the word “airtime” to the following WhatsApp number: +263 714 815 229
  2. The number will respond immediately providing you the format to use to top up. The format is as follows:Amount#Number to recharge#EcoCash number
    for example 3#O714815229#O772888999
  3. After this, you should get a prompt on your EcoCash line asking to pay the amount you indicated.
  4. Once paid, your airtime will be topped up.

Please note: This article has been updated to provide some even easier ways to buy airtime.

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  1. Notes & Coins

    It would also be nice to tell the folks that you are charged for purchasing airtime via Paynow. I had been using that option for over 2 weeks but l realised that recently and l stopped.

    1. Phat Phil

      I use it all the time. Are you talking about the govt transaction tax and Ecocash Pay Merchant fee? Come on, who should pay that?
      And what other options do you have – at least they are not putting other charges on top even for ZESA like other platforms charging an extra $1. I am a NetOne subscriber and I now buy the OneFusion vouchers from Topup so it saves me time converting them. I just want them to add DSTV and I’ll be happy.

    2. Wellington

      The charges are minimal compared to using other platforms eg local VISA or Zimswitch

  2. Dickson

    How can it be for free (honestly )

  3. ?

    Its still complicated coz u cant access topup without internet access…+ also a charge for the airtime purchase

    1. Thaksin

      The cons is that you need to have an internet connection.

  4. shox

    Have been using Paynow for some time now and I admit it is really good buying NetOne airtime using EcoCash but you are charged for that

  5. bliss

    with cash being sold at as much as 30% I would say pay now is worth it

  6. mutopo fc

    great invention there, just make it readily available on a mobile app package so that everyone gets to benefit from it. #ThumbsUp

    1. Mike

      Have you tried using the instapay ?, it allows you to do the same thing without extra charges,,, it has both a website & mobile app !
      Also allows for other bill payments like Zelda & tel one adsl

      1. Trycolyn Pikirayi

        Checking it out, thanks!

  7. Geez

    It’s really useful when u have constant internet connectivity but some of us we usually look for airtime when we have exhausted our data which simply means it’s kinda difficult to access these convenient services. I would like to make a suggestion, Topup, Paynow are really good services it will be more convenient if they are also available on USSD services so we can make payments without the hustle of Internet connectivity.

    1. arc

      this is for people who use internet at work especially on computers not you who want to do everything on your phone

  8. baba Tapiwa

    Is the writer under an Econet commission? This story makes a normal readily available and old integrated payment platform sound new and never been seen or used before. This isn’t journalism it’s a poorly researched advertorial. PayNow has been there for a year and allows you to use it to pay for any service using payment channels like Visa, EcoCash and OneWallet. This unfortunate article mischievously and perhaps deliberately creates the impression that Econet has innovated and allowed customers to buy exclusively on their platform airtime when the reality couldnt be further to the truth! Paynow allows Telecash to pay as well for airtime from Econet. the same applies to OneMoney – you can buy Telecel airtime or Econet airtime using PayNow as the integrating payment platform from OneMoney. This article is badly misleading. Sickening even. You don’t need to prop up Econet so nakedly. Tell it like it is, PayNow is a payment platform that allows all network users to buy services and airtime using their mobile network platforms regardless of the type of airtime they wish to buy.

    How this TechZim allowed this piece of advertising masqueradingas a story to pass their editorial team boggles the mind. tell The truth.

    1. Thobs

      I agree with you, poor journalism indeed. They even ask who used telecash, well I do and one can even use telecash and netone airime to buy econet airtime.

    2. Nigel Tigere

      Paynow and are not econet products though. They are from WebDev, the company that has And the platform supports basically all payment option types I.e. onewallet, telecash, visa, MasterCard and vPayments

  9. drcmwaks

    The methods does not work without an internet connection therefore not useful for those with exhausted data bundles or those without internet connection

  10. n;avraeuvnaer

    I was hoping for something other than At least some that does require an internet connection 🙁

  11. Nomatter


  12. Sandrs

    Need to know where to cash in Zim. Can someone please help