DStv Zimbabwe payment options (August 2017) – USD cash, self-service, banks

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The demand for DStv is always high during the school holidays (cartoon season!), so it’s no wonder that many people are getting in touch to find out how they can pay for their DStv subscription.

The long term solution that seems to make sense, though some especially Multichoice Zimbabwe will frown upon it, is getting a South Africa DStv account and have someone pay in rands there (you even get extra perks). But if informal is not for you, or you just can’t right now, here are your options:

USD Cash at NMB bank:

The first no fuss straightforward way is to get some USD cash somehow (exactly how is your business) and just go to any NMB branch and pay. They don’t require that you have an account with them. Prestige branches (branches in low density areas) usually have shorter queues. We hear other banks have this option too but we’re not sure which ones are hustle-free – if you know any, comment below and we’ll update.


Pay online on DStv self-service:

Use your Visa or Mastercard or ask someone who has one to pay using the DStv self service online.

If you have EcoCash you can also buy a VCN, but remember that you’re limited to a maximum of $50 to spend online daily which means you won’t be able to subscribe to the more expensive DStv bouquets. A number of local banks also have cards that work online and they have their own daily limits; Standard Chartered, Barclays, NMB, FBC, Ecobank, etc…

If you don’t have a card already, check with your bank just in case they have something.


Bank apps and internet banking:

If you bank with any of the following, you can use their apps or their internet banking; CABS, NMB, POSB, ZB, Standard Chartered, Steward Bank, Barclays, Ecobank, Metbank, FBC and Stanbic.

The problem with this option is that the banks are always changing their conditions for DStv payments so you’re not really sure what the latest condition is. The other problem is that their electronic platforms sometimes have issues leaving you with problems that need you to contact their customer support – usually a painful process.



EcoCash Rand Wallet: 

This also requires you getting forex somehow except it’s the Rand this time. Once you have your Rand, go to any EcoCash agent and request to cash-in to your Rand wallet. From your EcoCash menu you can pay for your DStv subscription.

This option is number 4 on this list because the last time we tried it the Rand wallet service was down and the contact centre person we spoke to said they were not sure if and when the service would be back up. Frustratingly, we had already cashed into the Rand account, so those were some wasted Rands. A warning so you know you may need to phone EcoCash first before setting off on your Rand buying mission. The other frustrating thing is that on a bad day the EcoCash call center can take 30 minutes of listening to jingles and adverts before it just hangs up on you 🙁 .


Whatever payment method you use, remember that where in the past you could pay for your DStv with just the account number, currently you need your Smart Card number so ensure you have that before attempting to pay.

If there other options you have found reliable, please let us know in the comments so we add them to this article for the benefit of others.

Happy holidays people!


  1. Chakachaya

    Tamirira Kwese TV, no hassles looking for forex. Just use bond note! All kids stuff is available

    1. Anonymous _Too

      Sure good friend, can’t wait for Kwese tv to come. Just hope it doesn’t dissapoint.

  2. ba Adele

    I hear bank charges for dstv payment hve bn increased from $2 to $5.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      yup. That’s what NMB is charging at least. Steep but looks like Zimbos we love our tv

  3. E. Musanhu

    Most of these options are not working. The one which is surely working in NMB. The rand wallet is still down according to there office.

  4. Michael Sithole

    CBZ has restored it on CBZ Touch but it will cost u $5 to subscribe via this means

    1. Anonymous

      Hi just to confirm so we can pay dust with cbz

  5. ZISO

    You don’t need to call Ecocash first inorder to use your Rand wallet except if you experience a challenge or you don’t know how to use the multicurrency options. Get your facts right

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      It’s not a requirement, no. But my experience says it’s the safe thing to do

  6. Anonymous

    Recently paid for my DSTV at MetBank.

  7. Alex

    I paid for my DSTV last at POSB Harare main Post office branch using $US last month. Now I hear POSB no longer accepts DSTV payments. How far true is this?

    1. etk


    2. Matsikidze

      Ya its true the announcement was done while my dstv was being processed at POSB central avenue. I was the last one to be served that day. Unless otherwise, POSB stopped accepting Dstv payments last month

  8. bigboi

    couldn’t make a payment through the ecocash MasterCard…any ideas what the problem might be?

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      VCN or actual physical card?

  9. Anonymous _Too

    Last time I checked ZB mobile applications doesn’t allow payment of Dstv. They had actually removed the option a long long long time ago.

    1. Ben

      ZB only allows you to pay at the branch using US dollars cash only

  10. Yaya Tonde

    i have watchd Kwese tv in Zambia its good and has world class standards the broadcasters of its sporting channels are the likes of cricket australia which has a very good HD qualities, it has the NBA channel 24/seven for the basket ball lovers, it has the Liverpool channel, when watching kwese tv you feel like you are in europe.The monthly subsription for Kwese is $27.00 per month watching all the 68 channels. The first installation is $50.00 and you get to watch all channels for free for the first month.
    Subscription of dstv is now painful at dstv agents in Gweru they are now charging a commission of 6-10 dollars knowing that most banks do not facilitate the payment of dstv and also not all dstv account holders have a bank account

  11. Tanatswa Moyo

    You can pay via CBZ touch but you are charged 10% of your payment. For instance we pay $83 for our bouquet so I was charged $8.30 for the transaction.

  12. Anonymous

    Its a painfull arrangement with NMB coz they raised servuice charged taking advantage nekunetsa kwezvinhu …….$11 bouquet u pay $16 why daylight robbery?? U must accept all bank cards at Multichive not CBZ only…….even cash u have to take it….maguta mari dzedu zvino pliz tida muite zvekare………onai mega imi DSTV tamirira Kwese tv….

  13. Garry

    Waiting for Kwese TV.ndopeunoona kuti hurumende yedu yakadhakwa.all the firex externalisation would be over if they simply give Kwese the lisence

  14. MDC Alliance

    I said vote next year so that this cash crisis ipere……rand rizare…dze technology hazibatsiri….vote Next yr or perish…..u will be paying for DSTV me barter trade…..mark my words

  15. Anonymous

    Dstv now rubish agents now doing daylight robery the rich getting much richer

  16. Chalton

    Contact me I will pay for you with Ecocash
    App 0777772275

  17. Anonymous

    bank charge now $5!!! this is absolutely insane

  18. Tatenda

    DSTV you should accept all modes of payment, you are operating in Zimbabwe and you should know that we have a multi-currency regime and that how we earn our incomes. Why do you not accept my cash at your offices?

    1. Eriyas jameel

      The bond is a legal currency so dstv must accept it or close down its offices in Zimbabwe

  19. Tamu

    You can pay your dstv subscription at POSB but only in US dollars only inclusive of $3 commission