Colourful statuses might be coming to WhatsApp status soon

Rufaro Madamombe Avatar
WhatsApp status colorful

The latest beta version of WhatsApp shows the WhatsApp status getting a new feature. The feature will allow you to set a WhatsApp status which is just text and has a solid color as the background. This works similar to the option on Facebook posting which allows you to write a quick short message and then choose a background color.

Currently, the feature only has 22 color options to choose from and it available on the test version of WhatsApp both on Android and iOS. So if you’d like to start using it, just sign up for the beta program of WhatsApp and once you have been accepted into the program, you will be able to download the beta versions.

Once you’ve got the latest beta version of WhatsApp, just head over to the same status section of WhatsApp. When you arrive on that screen, you will see a new icon which will be a pencil right above the old camera icon used for other types of WhatsApp statuses. Click that icon and you’ll go to the next screen where you’ll be able to create the colorful status.

Your text status can be over 300 characters long ( I tried to keep going but it seems to have no set limit at the moment ). Other than just adding words and changing the background color, you can also add emojis to the status and change the type of font of the text. There are 6 font types to choose from and hopefully, more will be added.

For me personally, I’m glad that this feature is available on even in the beta program. Countless times when I wanted to just put a WhatsApp status with just text and a black background, I had to complete several steps. First was to take a picture which would come out black by just closing the camera and not turning on the flash. After that, I would put the text and then be on my merry way after clicking send.

The problem with that is that it was limited to just one a handful of colors that were quickly accessible in my environment e.g black or white. I’m sure other people have been in such similar situations to this is something that some have wondered why isn’t this a thing. As is with other features from beta versions of WhatsApp like payments within WhatsApp, the features in those versions may never make it to the stable or commonly downloaded version of the app.

However, it would be ridiculous for WhatsApp not to add this feature to their app because it will greatly increase the number of people that use the status feature. Anyways, tell us what you think, do you think this is a good feature? Would you want it to come to the stable version of WhatsApp? What other things would you want that feature to have?