You could soon be able to watch YouTube videos while chatting with friends in WhatsApp

Rufaro Madamombe Avatar

Some smart people have uncovered something within the latest update of WhatsApp beta. The update seems to contain a feature which allows people to view YouTube videos without having to leave the popular chat messaging application. It is not confirmed whether it will come to Android as the feature was in the beta of the iOS version of WhatsApp.

The feature is still being tested and still contains some unpleasant faults. This has made the feature not that accessible even within the beta version as you cannot toggle it on and it hasn’t been announced by WhatsApp as a possible feature because of it’s faults. According to reports, sometimes it just works and other times it’s back to the old system.

For many, if this feature does come, it will be a welcome change because currently to when you receive a link to a YouTube video and you click it, you’ll be taken to the YouTube app on your phone in order to view it. This means that you cannot easily go back to your chats without sacrificing ¬†viewing the video or having to wait until you’re done viewing it.

Yes there are some phones that allow users to open 2 apps at the same time. However, not every phone has such multi-window features so most are left in that dilemma. The feature is expected to use a concept called picture on picture which has been implemented by Facebook on their mobile app and website. The concept allows a person to view overlay a video or picture on top of another picture or screen.

Hopefully this comes to fruition as it will make it easier for you to watch that funny video which someone has sent to you and continue chatting with your friends and family. If it does end up being a reality, it seems like that you will not necessarily have to turn it on as it will come on by default and work when it has to.

Of course for some of us who don’t have unlimited Internet access, this might be a pitfall as you could just end up clicking a YouTube link and the video starts playing when you were used to being transported to a different app and have a chance to think twice about your data expenditure. What do you think? Is this something that you wish to see in WhatsApp and maybe in other mobile chat applications?



  1. Christerbel Erica Mujaranji

    Oh wow loving the innovations and creativity being introduced by WhatsApp i sure hope it will come to reality.Although it will eat up on my data, i will cross the bridge when i get to the river.

  2. Xibo

    I have been doing this for almost a year on my android. In principle, the split screen function has catered for this for ages, Both the Youtube app and Whats app are compatible with this functionality.

  3. me

    an intelligent article would have some screenshots