So WhatsApp has started kicking out old Nokia phones

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Last night, some Nokia devices like the Nokia E5 which are running Nokia’s mobile operating system Nokia Symbian S60 started failing to open WhatsApp. This is due the fact that WhatsApp has stopped support for phones running old mobile operating systems. They have stopped support because the new features that the chat application will be rolling out will not be able to be fully utilized by the phones as they have outdated hardware and software.

Late last month, we talked about how WhatsApp was extending support for devices running old operating systems. Among the list of devices that would be affected were Nokia phones running Nokia Symbian S60 (e.g Nokia 5230) and Nokia S40 (e.g Nokia Asha, X2, C3). The Nokia S40 devices will be able to run WhatsApp until 31 December 2018. However, the smartphones running Nokia Symbian S60 have met the end of their journey with WhatsApp as support for those devices was ending by end of June 2017.



For many of us Zimbabwean who were still using those old devices, it is time to move on. The only way to stay on WhatsApp if you were using one of the affected devices is by getting a new device which can support WhatsApp. Of the phones that will soon no longer support WhatsApp, Blackberry devices like Blackberry Bold and Windows Phone 8.0 devices like Nokia Lumia 520 will be next in line of no longer running WhatsApp.

The change for those devices will be coming on 31 December 2017. Given how most of Zimbabweans use WhatsApp, end of support for devices they use is big change that many will not like. However, it is part of the process of making WhatsApp a better application for us to communicate with our friends and family.



  1. Christerbel Erica Mujaranji

    It’s to bad Nokia failed to keep abreast and adapt to the smartphone technology in time, it was a competent brand.I pity most of the Zimbabweans who use the old devices for various reasons amid economic hardships resulting to the failure to afford upgrading to latest/newer devices which support WhatsApp. WhatsApp is indeed perfecting the application, to only render exceptional services. Thanks for the article it is informative!

  2. Danish Khan

    Well I have got a solution for this problem, we can change the date to 1/6/2017 on symbian s60 phone which will allow it to run whatsapp without that pop-up.

  3. Tom

    Buy a ZTE for $45

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  4. Carlos Hansell

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    1. Colin

      Nokia is a very very bad company tu punish people just so that we must buy new devises