WhatsApp hits 1 Billion active daily users and 250M people use the status feature daily – what’s next?

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Yesterday, WhatsApp announced that they are now connecting 1 Billion people daily on their chat app. They also revealed that 250 million people use their WhatsApp status daily. The app now has 1.3 Billion monthly users, this is a decent growth from the 1 Billion monthly users recorded in February 2016.

Other statistics that were revealed are that WhatsApp users now send over 55 billion messages per day, including 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos. The new features like video calling and WhatsApp status have probably caused 76% of its monthly users to keep coming back to the app daily. WhatsApp’s growth has seen the company looking for professional to help them monetize the app as it is currently not that monetized.

Most of us locally probably use WhatsApp as our main chat application since most of our friends and family are using it and the bundles that the mobile operators provide. With features like native YouTube video play rumored to be coming, it’s interesting to know whether our WhatsApp bundles will be depleted from watching the YouTube videos within WhatsApp or normal data bundles will be used.

With Facebook owning WhatsApp now and how they are bringing ads to the Facebook messenger, could they end up doing the same in WhatsApp in order to monetize it? I think it’ll be hard to do that without getting major backlash from the users as WhatsApp has built a brand around not putting ads in the app.

WhatsApp now has a huge user base and businesses are just waiting to start advertising, selling or getting in touch easily with their target buyer on the platform. Hopefully, the app will continue on a good path putting the user first. However, the bills don’t pay themselves so eventually, big changes that will benefit them business wise will come.

So I’d like to know. What would be the line that WhatsApp cannot cross in their monetization strategy? If they do cross that line would you leave the chat app or you’d just keep on using it and sacrifice a little bit of your privacy or something.


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