Steward bank customers sign a petition, threatening to take it to court.

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We have said a lot about Steward Bank customer grievances and it’s getting monotonous, I know! But hey, it’s not our fault – we are obliged to say it when it happens and…it has!

So on twitter, there is a #BringBackOurMoney! petition that has been circulating. It reads

Thousands of Zimbabweans have been victims of mismanagement of funds, incomplete RTGS transfers, fake and inconsistent bank statements, poor client service, unresolved cases and so many more.
This petition is to say to Steward Bank, we need our money back. We’ve had enough, and if you dont resolve this, we’ll take it to court!

It hasn’t gained much traction as yet but who knows?

There are two possible reasons why people haven’t/won’t sign the petition:

i) There has actually been an improvement on the Steward Bank services


ii) People are tired of complaining about the same thing over and over again.

I have a hunch that it’s the second reason. Well, maybe a hunch is not the right word there because I have reason to think so. If you follow Steward bank on Facebook, you’ll realise that a good percentage of all comments are actually complaints. And this does not look good! Maybe the bank bit more than it could chew (or keeps biting more than it can chew) but if I, a layman can figure this out, I’m sure the professionals can to, or should have – that’s if that is the actual problem.

It’s been slightly more than month since the bank’s new leadership appointments in the IT department – something that excited us. We hoped these changes would help bring the bank back to its feet. Well maybe it’s still too soon for us to be making any conclusions yet, but we still hope for the best.



  1. Anthony Somerset

    To be fair it was literally only created 2 days ago 🙂 lets see – am sure there are enough disgruntled customers that it could well gain legs

    1. Bethel Goka

      Is the petition running on twitter only? Because if so, they might be missing on the huge facebook population, a good number of which are steward bank customers.

  2. Azure

    Its not just Steward bank, its every bank in the country. The fact of the matter is that there is no entity monitoring the banks, Case and point being the recent issue @ Stanbic bank with one of its managers. The bank knew that the manager was shady, and instead of removing the problem, they move the problem somewhere else.
    Our banks are out of hand, and no one will do anything because the people that can do anything about it are also dipping their hands in the cookie jar. I’d say the system needs fixing, but then, there is no system to fix. Steward is only more evident because of the number of people under it.
    Otherwise the rot is wide spread

    1. roller meal

      Bancabc anyone? I’m ready to support a similar effort against their shoddy service. Which bank has got the most reliable internet banking platform in the country?

  3. Anonymous

    ZB Bank is even worse, I agree it’s all the banks!

    1. Anonymous_too

      Sure, I agree woth you. I’m even wondering how Steward Bank made such headlines before ZB bank. Really someone should write something about ZB bank. They even removed their comments section on their Facebook page.

      1. n;avraeuvnaer

        Hehehehehehehe Ahhh

    2. Trycolyn Pikirayi

      Yea, sometimes we miss some of these things… but, you can help us keep people aware by sending us a tip by clicking the “send a tip’ option right on top.

      So yea, let’s start on the ZB Bank story

  4. Fusion

    What I don’t understand is how can an rtgs be $5….I can’t believe my bank charges me for inward rtgs…. When I emailed them they claim that’s it’s always been included in the service fee… But now they have separated it… Either way it’s fine up…. Then there’s my coporate account they just doubled my monthly service fee from 30 to 60… Honestly what is stopping me from going informal… Why should I have a a corporate account when my personal account with do the same at half the price… When my clients swipe both of us are charged… They just posting profit afteere profit with horrible service…. Any complaint is never doubted till I queue and queue meanwhile kidding valuable customers… What is the rbz job in all this

  5. Fusion

    Shoddy reporting…. Reason there’s no traction is that the petition requests a donation

  6. Fusion

    One last thing looks like NBS is already having problems… But please write an article about this so readers don’t get duped

    1. Batsirai Chikadaya

      Fair point

    2. Anonymous_Me

      I salute NBS for that. They have quickly unearthed and reacted to unethical practices by the MD meaning they have a zero tolerance for such things. Other parastetals keep those kind of people and they keep looting until it becomes unsustainable. Thumps up for NBS and i heard their systems are good

  7. mtulisi

    My going to the bank for 8th time this morning nhasi handibudi kusvika vandipa twangu

    1. Hilter

      I use steward bank and am linked to Ecocash and do not have any problems

  8. Potera

    M not happy at all 11 days of my salary not reflecting!

  9. Potera Tafara

    M not happy with this bank! My salary was processed into my account on 4 july but up to today it hasn’t reflected, apa they continue to tell me kuti we are experiencing technical challenges 11 days of technical challenges??