A smartphone for gamers may be in the making

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According to a report from Bloomberg Technology, Razer is planning to develop a mobile device aimed at hardcore gamers. Razer is a company which is well known among gamers for making computer hardware tailored for gaming. The company recently acquired a smartphone manufacturing company called Nextbit and intends to use it for the development of the mobile phone.

It seems like the company wants to use its knowledge of gaming to create a smartphone that is tailored for gamers as this is largely an untapped market. Most mobile gamers simply use the normal smartphones that everyone else uses which is not the case when it comes to laptops or desktop gaming.

Generally, gamers tend to have more powerful machines that can handle gaming at high resolutions and speeds. So it’s likely that a mobile device from Razer will feature more specifications than those on other smartphones as is the case with the laptops that they manufacture. The company that they acquired became popular for releasing the first cloud-based smartphone called the Nextbit: Robin.

The phone used cloud technology to intelligently store away applications that would have not been used in a long time and leave some extra space on the device. It would then retrieve a stored away app when it was being launched so it was kind of like reinstalling but without actually having to do it and you’d get to keep your data from using the app.

According to reports, it worked well but it had a big down side. Once your phone was disconnected, you’d have a less enjoyable experience as you would not be able to get those apps store away in the cloud. However, given how the world is moving to a time where devices are constantly connected, it seems that this device was just ahead of its time.

It’s interesting to see if Razer will utilize that cloud technology in some way to allow a person to play a desktop game on their mobile phone by using the processing power of a cloud computer. That’s something that would be cool or even if it just allowed a person to play PC games on their phone by using their laptop’s processing power then it’d still be cool.

Some things outside of hardware that Razer may come up with are games made by them for their phone. This could potentially get gamers to buy the phone as they’d get new adventures to embark on. Even though there are no details of what it might look like or be capable of, for gamers it’s a good thing that Razer is thinking about it. It could potentially be another thing to boost e-sports of mobile games.

I would like to hear if any gamers out there would consider buying a smartphone that is tailored for gaming usage or not? Do people play resource intensive mobile games that much locally?


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  1. lovet

    Hi Rufaro.
    I admit, an enhanced smartphone for gaming will be a nice gadget to have. But I think real gaming on a smartphone will not be easy especially for large games. There is a number of issues to take care of like heating, confort, battery, screen size etc. If they can address these issues then their device will sure be well received.
    Nice post.