Learn how to code at ‘Coding day’ in Bulawayo.

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People working on their laptops

Learning to code is important. I mean it only makes sense considering how digital we have become (and continue to become). In light of this, HabeNerd, an online IT learning platform, will be conducting an event dubbed ‘Coding day’ on the 18th of August at the Bulawayo club (8th ave and fort street).

HabeNerd has learning packages suitable for just anyone (think 5 – 85). These packages help people learn different IT skills and programming languages while also focusing on how to generate revenue from creating things using the new skills. It has beginner courses for graphics development, game development, 2D and 3D animation development and other professional courses like IDDL, CEH, Linux +, ICM etc. I personally have never tried out any of these courses but I’m sure this event will help me decide if it’s worth it or not.

The Coding day event is however only open for those aged between 13 and 24 – they say catch them young now don’t they? The main agenda of the event is to teach people how to:

  1. Create their own social sites
  2. Hack (ethical I hope)
  3. Create their own games
  4. Create their own cartoons and animations

Also, there’s a possibility of one walking away with developer software tools, a programming mentor as well as free programming lessons valid for a year – all this for US$15. To register or learn more about the event or about HabeNerd itself, visit habenerd.com.

I personally believe that learning how to code should not only be restricted to ‘coders’ but it’s something that we all should have a basic appreciation of. Understanding coding concepts, in the future, might becoming a basic requirement, like English and Maths right now.



  1. Frank

    I was going to attend but alas am too old for their listed age group.

  2. John

    Sounds fun. Def attending 🙂