Now you can add a personal touch when replying to Instagram Stories

Rufaro Madamombe Avatar
Face filters Instagram Reply Stories Update

Today, Instagram added a new feature to their application. The feature allows people to reply to other people’s Instagram stories with a photo or a short video clip that they take or select from their gallery.

Previously, you could only reply to an Instagram stories using text. This made the whole sharing experience when it comes to Instagram stories really limited. One could only say “oh hey that cool” and that’s it. Now you can do so much more like taking a picture with you expressing how you feel about what the person shared like for example smiling or simply looking perplexed and also adding stickers or other text. This means that there is a chance of a personal touch to be added to each reply that you send to someone’s story.

When you view and Instagram story and you want to reply to it using a photo or video, locate the camera icon which should be at the bottom left of the screen. After pressing it, you will have an interface that is similar to the one that users normally get when they are adding their stories.

In that interface, you can choose to record a short clip in normal speed, rewind, take a photo with the augmented face overlays like dog ears etc or select a picture or video you had previously taken. Once you’re done creating your reply, you can simply press send and the other person will be able to view it once the message is delivered to them.

In my opinion, this is one feature that had been on many Instagram user’s wishlist. It definitely was on mine and it’s good that they’ve given us an extra way to communicate and share experiences. With Instagram adding all these new features and doing almost what Snapchat can do, I wonder who uses Snapchat more?