Harare Institute of Technology Technovation Expo – Inspiring the next generation of inventors and scientists

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Today we attended a technology innovation Expo hosted by Harare Institute of Technology. The event held at their campus aimed to show high school students who are the next generation of scientists some of the various science and engineering sectors that they can pursue.

At the expo, inventions from HIT students and other inventors were showcased. Some of the inventions that were showcased are a custom built drone, a system that automatically adjusts the angle of a solar panel to maximize the input of solar and a smart system for smart metering of consumption of electricity, water, and gas.

Other departments of the institution also showcased some of the stuff that they were working on. This was aimed at inspiring students but more importantly at attracting industry companies that could want to partner with the institution. An example of such from the E-commerce department is an accounting management systems which makes accounting easy for SME who might not be able to hire a professional accountant for the job.

Some of the interesting stuff that was showcased as poster presentations were a hand gesture controlled wireless wheel chair and an enhanced biometric ATM authentication system.

Among the projects that were showcased, some of them were made using custom made software which runs on programmable boards like Arduino while others used more industry grade hardware.

Below are pictures of the expo.


  1. Christerbel Erica Mujaranji

    Very creative and up to date Zimbabwe wise, i hope HIT will have partners and well wishers to help students with these inventions.

  2. melons

    Nice article there but I have been to ther institutions like the university of Zimbabwe (UZ) which had its research week which ends tommorow i think. But I’ve never seen you covering any of their events or exhibitions which are as superflous as the ones from HIT….as sof me I was amazed at sweet potato drink, cookies, pies, chips, flour and some other innovative products but alas you only use UZ images when you’re portraying how our education system has failed us not when they have done somthing groundbreaking, also we have other institutions like Bindura university, Chinhoyi and many others who have newsworthy items that go undetected.

    At Techzim you’re blinkered to covering only a Handfull of institutions and companies which will soon make us start to judge your objectivity and integrity.

    1. 3rd Party

      Could it be that those other institutions have NOT invited TechZim to their events? And the ones that are usually covered know the value they get from TechZim and so they always put them on their invitation list? Doesn’t this seem more logical than a conspiracy theory to shut out certain universities?

      1. Peter G. Raeth, Ph.D.

        TechZim and its readers tend to be objective and open to serious discussion. It is more likely that TechZim was not invited or otherwise aware of those events. It is for the event organizers to make newspapers, newsletters, and other public sources aware. If a TechZim person can not attend per se, they can invite reviews and photos from attendees.

  3. Peter G. Raeth, Ph.D.

    To actually accomplish something using the knowledge you have gained and the gifts God has given is a step in the right direction of personal and national success.