Fake leaks on NetOne bundles and packages circulating on WhatsApp

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Earlier today, someone started posting images that showed bundles from NetOne that were claimed to be launched. Given how WhatsApp is news for some people even locally, many people believed that these images were leaks of something good to come. We have contacted someone at NetOne who cannot be identified as they were not speaking officially and they said that the images were faked.

Some of the images showed bundles and new packages “that were going to really put the last nail in Econet’s coffin” according to comments from those who viewed them. I am inclined to agree with them because as some were viewing all the images and reading what was on it, they were left just wishing it were true because it’d be the thing that would get some to buy a NetOne line as indicated by their comments.

Many have had a tough time choosing between the different mobile operators and maybe someone just wanted to strong arm NetOne by circulating these images. If people believed they were true and they expected them then maybe that person hoped that NetOne would just give in and make some of the packages a reality.

Whenever things get leaked and seem too good to be true, take what you see with a pinch of salt. However, just because it was leaked and confirmed as fake, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will never happen. Furthermore, one can wonder why someone would go to the trouble of faking so much data when they don’t even gain anything directly. Maybe it was a creative person who wanted to show NetOne a concept that NetOne might want to do and then it accidentally just got out as if it was official.

Here are the pictures in case you’d like to see what could have been or what might be one day. 
















































  1. Fusion

    If Netone is listening they could definitely increase their data allowance

  2. Eddie

    That’s not practical

  3. Zhanje

    Whoever leaked has intimate knowledge of Netone. This can’t be from someone outside the company or not directly associated with not.

  4. shumbasamaita

    If its true these packages are coming, rest assured Econet will respond in equal measure. You will recall that NeOnet is the one who started mobile money under one wallet but where are they now? Number last pamobile money despite having a subscriber base of over 4.5 million. Its another thing to implement and monetise some of these ideas if you are working for a parastatal, hakuna culture of making money whereas the likes of Econet the theme is profit plus they deliver. I know some are of the believe Brian Mutandiro is a good manager & will deliver, tell you, the guy was dismissed from Telone because he wanted to take commercial paradaigm shift & make Telone viable.Lets wait & see