Content creators can now stream 4K and 360-degree videos on Facebook

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Facebook recently announced that creatives can now produce 4K resolution and 360-degree videos on their live streaming platform. The update will also allow people to view live-streamed content in those high resolutions from Facebook.

The social media app aims to be a one stop platform for the consumption of the next-generation of content. Hence they are bringing such updates even though they may seem minor. Those who want to view these new supported formats on Facebook can do so from a Samsung Gear VR or another capable monitor.

In Zimbabwe, most of us aren’t consuming content at these high resolutions because of expensive data or lack of capable hardware. However, for content creators locally such updates are important as they give them a new platform to experiment on and discover new ways of making their content stand out.

For media agencies locally who want to be the best, this is something to invest in and learn how it works. It could end up being a good investment as having the skill to produce content at these formats on Facebook could potentially help you get International clients and build a more lucrative media agency.

Facebook also announced a list called Live 360 Ready Program. The list features all the hardware and software that the company has verified and approves to be ready for use for live streaming in 360-degrees. The supported companies will feature a Facebook Live logo on their package or website to make it easier for people to know.

If you’re the type of person who wants to build such an agency but don’t have the capital, start small and build. The barriers to entry into this industry have been significantly lowered. All you need to start producing is just your smartphone which already has a camera.

Someone might say but streaming video is data intensive. That’s true. However, Facebook also allows you to stream audio only so you could start with a simple podcast which would be less data intensive. Maybe just do one value packed show per month. With time and if you’re good enough, you’ll build a big enough brand and business to afford all the fancy equipment for you to create 4K/360-degree videos.

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