Zim businesses will compete another day; this week they dialogue at #ZNCCCongress2017

Tinashe Nyahasha Avatar

Business is a competitive discipline. It has to be because competition introduces efficiency in the market. Competition drives innovation and technological advancement. Without solid competition in commerce you and I (customers) are dethroned from being kings and queens. No customer is a king in an economy where they do not have choice. We welcome competition.

There comes a time however, when competition has to pause and make way for dialogue and interaction. Such a time for the Zimbabwe commerce landscape is the annual congress of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC). As much as competition promotes efficiency and drives technological development, occasional dialogue permits jumps along these metrics to occur.

When business leaders get together they are able to share perspectives and help each other solve problems. When business leaders meet they acquire a strong audible collective voice that impacts socio-political-economic policy. Yours and my life is impacted by the collective voice of business whether we experience it directly or not. The ZNCC is known as the voice of business in Zimbabwe> The voice of Zimbabwean business is converging in Victoria from the 28th to the 30th of June (well, tomorrow till Friday).

There is a Shona proverb that says when a prince is being trained and instructed, you the servant will do well if you listen in. When the economic movers and shakers in this economy deliberate I want to be in that room. Good news for me- I am going to be there! Techzim is proud to be part of this year’s annual congress of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce. We believe regular dialogue across industries opens up thinking and inspires development of relevant African technologies as well as remind competing businesses of the bigger picture: the consumer.

We believe it is a worthwhile investment to sponsor and engage ZNCC as a media partner. We will also be participating on some of the panels during the congress. As all of you know, we love debate.

I have to repeat the proverb: when a prince is being trained and instructed you the servant will do well to listen in. If you can, be diligent to eavesdrop! Good news for you, you can! Besides tweeting like mad using the tag #ZNCCCongress2017, Techzim will also live stream the whole congress. You can watch it all happen in Victoria Falls on techzim.co.zw/zncccongress2017 or on our Facebook page. Join in the conversation. Business affects us all, it’s high time we also participate with those that lead these entities and express our thoughts.

Technology is democratising everything. It was not imaginable a few years ago that the whole country (well potentially) could engage and participate at fora like the ZNCC Annual Congress. Let’s take advantage of this and use the power of the internet to say our two cents regarding the economy. See on the live stream, #ZNCCCongress2017