Soon you might be able to send any type of file on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is rumoured to be working on an update for the application that will allow users to send any file regardless of its format.

The information comes from people in India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Kuwait who have got the update since they get to test new features even if they’re not stable yet (Beta testers).

I’ve signed up to be a Beta tester for WhatsApp but the update I’ve got now doesn’t seem to have this feature yet. It’s not strange because new features are often rolled out to select countries for testing before going to the majority of testers and eventually production.

Previously, you could only send select formats of documents, pictures, audio and video. This largely excluded file formats such as matroska video .mkv, flash video .flv , waveform audio .wav , archive .zip, and not to forget the most sought out .apk or .exe.
Currently to send the unsupported file formats for example .apk, you’d have to rename the file to .txt or .doc which are document file formats that you can send on WhatsApp. The receiver of the file will have to rename it back to .apk in order for them to install the application.

Some people may think that this new update will bring piracy of mobile applications especially on Android devices but the truth is that it’s already happening. The update will make it just easier for people.

The update will also allow people to send uncompressed videos and pictures. Now you can show your friends just how good your device is at taking videos.

If it happens, people will be limited to sending files with a maximum size of 64MB on WhatsApp Web, 100MB on Android, and 128MB on Apple iOS.

Just like the rumoured feature that will allow users to delete messages even after they’ve sent them and the receiver won’t see the message, this may take time to happen if it does or they may come together.


  1. TheHacker

    This is the reason i use Telegram instead of Whatsapp.. Telegram way ahead..

  2. Gb Mathematics

    Working, some people have managed to install the app I send them.