Live streaming service is now available to DStv Compact and Compact plus subscribers

Rufaro Madamombe Avatar

Today, DStv Now updated their streaming service to allow customers on Compact and Compact plus packages to access entertainment on the go. Previously, the service was only available to customers on the Premium package of DStv.

This is a good move by DStv as it allows them to keep people on their television network that want to stream shows. Without this new update, DStv could have potentially lost these people to competitors like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or the soon to lauch in Zimbabwe Kwese TV. All these offer streaming services that are available to most people which DStv was not doing.

So what is DStv Now

It is a streaming service under DStv that allows people to view live TV shows (sports, news etc) on different devices like smartphones, laptops or tablets provided they have an Internet connection. You can also catch up on movies or shows that you would have missed by streaming or downloading them to your device, all while not having to be at home.

The service restricts which content you can access based on the package that you would subscribed to for DStv. Just the other day, one of my colleagues was telling me that he was on a kombi (commuter omnibus) when he noticed something interesting. Another man who was in the same vehicle was watching a live football match on his smartphone. So he asked the gentleman how he was doing it and to his surprise, the reply was “DStv Now, ko hauizive here?” which basically meant “DStv Now, don’t you know it?”. The man also further explained that he was using the NetOne OneFusion bundles for his Internet connection.

Ordinarily, very few people would consider streaming entertainment especially on a mobile device considering how expensive Internet data charges currently are in Zimbabwe. So is the OneFusion bundle enough for a person to consume live TV on their phone and not make a hole in their wallet?

I don’t know because I’ve not personally used NetOne but one of our team members had a difficult time choosing which mobile operator to use between NetOne and Econet. However, from just listening to people, It does seem that the OneFusion Internet data bundle could be useful for entertainment consumption supplied by DStv Now.

If you’d like to start using the service, you can either download their application (Android or IOS) or visit their website. Regardless of which method you use, you’d need to register by supplying your smartcard number and the mobile number you used for your DStv account registration. Once you’re done registering, you can enjoy your television on demand if you have some Internet bundles or Wi-Fi of course.