A first in Zimbabwe as PSL introduces swiping at Bosso-Dembare soccer match

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A report on local sports blog Soccer24, says that Zimbabwe’s Premier Soccer League is now providing Point of Sale devices (swipe machines) at the league’s games to enable fans to swipe to watch a game.

The development follows the hard cash crunch that Zimbabwe has been in since early last year. Despite the introduction of Bond Notes, the cash situation  in the country has largely not improved.

POS machines were used yesterday in one of Zimbabwe’s biggest games; a match between Bosso vs Dembare, so called Battle of Zimbabwe Part I, at Barbourfields Stadium. POS payments were introduced as a trial.

The PSL CEO, Kenny Ndebele, said about the development:

‘We are introducing the system to cater for our fans who are failing to attend matches because of cash shortages. The POS machines for the match will be deployed at four turnstiles, these being Gates 2,4,12 and 17.

If the system works well, we will have POS machines at all our Castle Lager Soccer matches in the future,”

The shortage of cash has however caused an increase in electronic transactions. The RBZ reported recently that electronic money now accounts for 70% of all payments in Zimbabwe.