Now you can pin WhatsApp conversations to the top

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If you use WhatsApp a lot (who doesn’t?) then one of your small frustrations with the app is when you need to find a conversation after it’s been pushed down by recent ones.  The most active groups especially push themselves to the top burying your other important conversations way down.

To find an important conversation you have to tap on “search”, enter the search words, and wait for WhatsApp to find it. Then tap on it (and hopefully not tap on the wrong one, coz then have to do that process all over again.) God help you if your phone is slow.

WhatsApp felt your frustration and have done something about it. A  new WhastApp update which is still in the beta version will allow you to pin chats to the top. This way, when you want to access these important chats they’re just a tap away.

WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 (as well as 163) has the new feature.

How do you pin a conversation to the top on WhatsApp

To pin a conversation to the top, tap and hold on it and you’ll see a new pin icon in the action bar next to the delete, mute, and archive functions. One you have pinned the conversation, it will stay on top of the list, even of more recent conversations.

WhatsApp allows you to just pin 3 conversations. You can exchange these pinned chats with new ones by just unpinning a chat and pinning another.

As indicated above, if you use the regular WhatsApp, you won’t see the option to pin just yet. If you hate waiting and want to see the pinning option now you will need to start using the beta version. To do this go to the Android Play Store and join the official beta then waiting for the app to update.

Once you have the beta version, you will start getting new features before they are pushed down officially to everyone else. New WhatsApp features get released all the time!


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