Getting Whatsapp messages from people you don’t know? Truecaller is there for you

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For Android devices click here and for iOS devices here


  1. dololo

    Dololo, these video feel like click bait. Maybe ndakasara ne technology?

  2. How long will you continually be fooled by these privacy invading crapware!!! You are actually selling your friends, relatives , business partners details and letting them uploaded to public server without consent. Why do you trust such apps as true caller??

  3. Munhu

    Truecaller basically saves your whole phonebook on their servers, if you link your social networks like facebook they go further on to not only save your friends’ numbers but also photos!! imagine the data you are offering this company just because of some ‘whatsapp messages from people you dont know’!

  4. wisey

    I sent a yebo to ur app number still nothing from i guyz, i suggest u cancel t dat to tell us lies

  5. panashe

    This yebo guy shoould be active…tikuda updates on tech!

  6. Basement

    Sent 3 yebos!! still nothing upto this day

  7. Anonymous

    For the cost of Privacy, no thanks. Also, they will be serving Ads soon.

  8. VIP Tech

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  9. frdah