Econet Kombi WiFi Zone bundle prices… How to buy & how to use

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Econet yesterday launched Kombi WiFi, a service enabling subscribers to use WiFi when travelling in a kombi.

In addition to buying WiFi bundles to use the service, subscribers also get 100% free WiFi data for every purchase of any regular Econet data bundle.

Here are the data bundle prices for Econet WiFi Zone bundles:

Bundles PriceBundle Size


How to buy and use the WiFi Kombi Bundles

Recharge Steps

  1. Scratch the recharge card to review PIN 2.
  2. Dial *121 *Recharge PIN#
  3. Receive recharge confirmation SMS
  4. Dial *143# and Select Option 2 for Wi-Fl bundles
  5. Select Option 2 – Econet Wi-Fi Zone Data Bundles
  6. Select Option 2 – $1 for 500MB
  7. Select Option 1 to buy for self
  8. Select Option 1 to buy from Airtime
  9. Confirm bundle purchase (Yes)
  10. Receive Wi-Fi data bundle purchase confirmation message

How to Use Econet Wi-H Zone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi and select Econet Wi-Fi Zone
  3. Open any browser of your choice e.g. Opera, Chrome.
  4. Open any website e.g. Google and an Econet Wi-Fi zone login page appears
  5. Enter your mobile number e.g. 0774123456
  6. Click on get password and receive a 4 digit PIN as an SMS
  7. Enter the 4 digit Pin on tab written “Enter Password Here”
  8. Click Log-In and start browsing

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  1. Roy

    How about wiifi zone in Kamfinsa / Highlands area we have been waiting since you opened up your shop

  2. Macd Chip

    We now have all the sales information about this Kombi Wifi, which is good for end users.

    But can we also get technical news about this, its unfortunate at the moment l cannt go and look it for myself.

    Information like:

    – how the device is connected to the kombi ie is it self powered

    – what is the connection range from the kombi can the device manage.

    – can it be taken home? also, whats deal is between Econet and Kombi owner

    1. Tapiwa✓

      Answering your questions using common sense:
      – the device is powered by a 12-volt adaptor powered by the vehicles battery

      – The wifi standards defines the signal power levels; generally wifi range is a few dozen meters

      – no, you can’t take it home and Econet won’t sell one to you for private use because it won’t be profitable. A family of 4 buying bundles of $1.50 each won’t cover the costs, unlike a kombi which typically carries 16 people every 20 minutes all day everyday. They have low margins and make it up on volume

      1. Macd Chip

        l was talking about when the kombi is parked for overnight!! Can you leave your valuables in that kombi overnight?

  3. Tendayig

    Good questions @Macd Chip

  4. Guest

    Ok from a technical perspective it is very likely that Econet is dishing hotspot enabled routers that have a data sim card on board.
    The router will broadcast and SSID and devices can connect via their network settings when it scans for available networks and via normal 2.4ghz frequency. The routers will likely have html pages sitting on the router’s file system to render a user interface. Its basic stuff really.

  5. Mukwenyeri

    Are thes daily bundles?

  6. nai

    haha I hope ey don’t have time limit bcoz ey could just easily expire usati wawana kombi yacho????