Press Release: NMB launches interactive online support centre (WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, FB)

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NMB Bank has launched an interactive support centre, while also launching itself onto social media, providing customers with several means of interacting with the bank and obtaining information and assistance online.

The bank now has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp for feedback purposes. Existing and potential customers can now contact the bank using any of these means or through an online support portal, Mr Lionel Chinyamutangira, NMB’s chief banking officer, said.

“The portal, which can be accessed by visiting, enables customers to chat with a bank representative in real time or leave their enquiry. They can track progress on query resolution on the portal,” said Mr Chinyamutangira.

“One can choose to be a once off user by simply logging in a query or be a regular user by signing up, which then gives one the added functionality of tracking status on query resolution,” he said.

When the query has been resolved customers can rate how satisfied they were with the bank’s response.

The support centre also provides answers to a range of frequently asked questions, which enables clients to obtain help quickly.

“This portal allows customers sitting anywhere in the world to log in an enquiry with the bank and track progress on its resolution. It allows them to rate our service in query resolution, thus enabling us to service our clients better,” Mr Chinyamutangira said.

He emphasised the importance the bank attaches to feedback from clients, as it enables the bank to continuously improve its service and ensure it meets their expectations.

“We believe we have a lot to learn from our clients by capturing their feedback on service experience. We therefore encourage all our stakeholders to get social with us through WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook,” he said.

As part of its launch of its social media pages, the bank is offering an opportunity to win a prize to those who tag 10 friends to like or follow the NMB Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages. If all 10 friends like the NMB social pages, then the person who tagged them is entered in a draw.

Prizes to be won include HIFA 2017 tickets for two, NMB t-shirts, caps, tote bags and pens. There are 20 prizes to be won each day. The competition runs from 26 April to 26 May 2017.


  1. Dylan

    NMB Bank is not serious. I have an account with them and I downloaded their mobile application. It charges $0.12 per transactions. They are using USSD hidden under an Android hood. I wrote to them several times and they didn’t bother to acknowledge my request. Please stay away from their mobile banking application.

    1. Mohamed E-Menzah

      Even POSB app is doing the same, sometimes these banks are not honest

  2. Sirius

    What happened to HTTPS for a bank?