Ndeipi Zimbabwe’s feature rich instant messaging app Ep3

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Ndeipi Zimbabwe's feature rich instant messaging app Ep3

Image for YouTube video with title Ndeipi Zimbabwe's feature rich instant messaging app Ep3 viewable on the following URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SuKqxHIcJ8


  1. C0PYCAT

    This is a Telegram clone

    1. Chris

      And it’s clearly mentioned in the ad, no secret there

      1. dololo

        ‘The ad’, lol. This is an Adrticle

  2. Fake Kasukuwere

    And I woke up this morning thinking, let me replace Whatsapp not with SnapChat,Weechat, Messenger, Viber, Allo or Telegram. Let me use this stupid app that no one is going to use so I can send myself .exe files and other virus. I will use Econet’s very fast broadband to send 1 GB torrent file I downloaded to my friend Edwin at Techzim so he can watch the first 3 episodes of 13 Reasons Why.

    Ndeipi is revolutionary, innovative, groundbreaking and will be a game changer. Everyone is going to be falling on each other to use it. It’s totally needed.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza


    2. Calvin

      Vabva vati handei pahasha ipapo kkkk

  3. clone

    this is a clone app … why not juss use telegram ?

    1. aurthurmusendame.com

      support local developers !!

  4. Dev

    Just another Messaging App.. GeeZ.. where’s this world going.. Rega tingoDownloader tione.. Kwanzi ine ChiShona neNdebele.. rega tione..