Hypercube trustees respond to abuse of funds allegations

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Several trustees of the now defunct Hypercube Hub, including Rinesh Desai and Munyaradzi Chiura, have responded to the story of the Hypercube Recovery audit report that we published back in March. The audit report, prepared by what’s called the Hypercube Community, accused some of the funders (and trustees) of irregularities and abuse.

Here’s the response of the trustees as sent to us via email:

It is with grave concern that we write in response to a publication released by Techzim on 15th March 2017, here.

This article was based on the unsubstantiated, unverified facts released in an apparent audit report by the self-identified Hypercube Recovery Manager, one Simao Nyaboko, through an email received from a mailing list managed by the same individual. The publication of this article has exacerbated an already difficult situation for anyone involved with Hypercube, its trustees, employees, donors and community members at large, as it has condoned and perpetuated extortion, blackmail, harassment and social media abuse.

The report authored by the alleged “Hypercube Recovery Manager” made a series of unsubstantiated allegations including abuse of funds by the co-founders of Hypercube and provided grossly exaggerated, inaccurate and malicious claims, statistics and financial information which remain largely untrue. It is our strong belief that the report and supposed allegations are a deliberate attempt to persecute and harass the trustees, and further, to ruin the reputation of the Hypercube co-founders. These allegations are not the first of their kind and stem from one single disgruntled individual who has sought to use the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Hypercube as a basis for persecution and extortion. 

Regrettably we would highlight that your site is the innocent and unfortunate vehicle for this individual to carry out his extortion. We receive private messages demanding money failing which the harassment continues. We would call that any publication pertaining to this matter which has the effect of defaming and damaging people and their livelihoods be substantiated and verified.

It remains our position that:

1. This report is fraudulent and based on a fake audit with unsubstantiated claims, unverified information, exaggerated statistics and misinformation;  whose intent, we believe, is solely designed to slander the names and reputations of the cofounders and management of Hypercube. All of which is being perpetuated by the individual who is extorting for funds.

2. In laying the correct facts down, it is to be noted that an official audit was carried out by Hivos in August and September of 2015, in an official grants audit process under the auspices of the Hivos General Terms and Conditions, as instructed by the Hivos office in Harare. This is the only report to be recognised by anyone seeking answers on the status of Hypercube. This audit report did cite anomalies in the governance structure of Hypercube, the internal policies and procedures which rendered the organisation inefficient and ineffective, and the apparent speed at which the organisation carried out its tasks. The report did not comment on any abuse of funds.

3. These same findings of this official audit were outlined on the 22nd of January 2016 by Nikki Kershaw, Munyaradzi Chiura and Rinesh Desai in summary by way of lessons learned in a public forum at the US Embassy Public Affairs section. This was also supported by a press statement to that effect. This session was recorded on video and transcribed by the US Embassy, and further published on their website. Hypercube Community members, donors, other hub organisations, journalists, bloggers and Techzim were present. Our position at this forum, and in the press statement which announced our closure remains our official and the only position for the reasons behind Hypercube’s closure.

In closing, we would put forward that we find it curious that someone who purports to be invested in the tech space has no digital footprint. However, be that as it may, if Mr or Miss Simao Nyaboko is real, and has genuine intentions of resuscitating the tech hub, we would gladly facilitate a meeting with the alleged Recovery Manager, wherein we could furnish him/her with the official audit report from Hivos with the objective of assisting in the real facts of this matter. It is regrettably our firm position such individual does not exist and this is an elaborate hoax in these trying times to extort money at the expense of others.

We have asked for the Hivos audit report but Desai has so far said that it cannot be released into the public domain as it “contains confidential information relating to various parties (not just ourselves) and could potentially breach NDA protocols.”


  1. Tapiwa✓

    This is the only report to be recognised by anyone seeking answers on the status of Hypercube. This audit report did cite anomalies in the governance structure of Hypercube, the internal policies and procedures which rendered the organisation inefficient and ineffective, and the apparent speed at which the organisation carried out its tasks. The report did not comment on any abuse of funds

    This is the only audit I will take at face value; but it still doesn’t make the trustees look any better. The lack of controls and whatever else that Hivos found was enough to make them suspend funding immediately rather than suggest remediation which strongly suggests systemic governance issues.

  2. like come on

    wait they are saying a registers auditor with no horse in thy race had an agenda underlining sketchy procedures. explain why you used 10000 of funds via credit cards or the use of hypercube resources with 40000 of finding. Voetsek it’s like saying kpmg or deloitte has an agenda in their audit. own yo

  3. Anonymous

    Haa vanhu vakarova bag amana. If they are so innocent, funding would still be in place. That alone tells its own tale.

  4. Sabhuku Chikoto

    Pakadyiwa mari ma’faces’ angu. This is just a sad attempt to cover their faces/behinds but truth be said, they escaped with the bag or rather zvibhegi zvemari.

  5. Sagitarr

    Until one gets to see the Hivos Audit Report, Rinesh’s vituperations also remain “unsubstantiated with unverified facts” which presents a Catch-22 situation (Chuck Yeager would enjoy this). However, illegal corporate bank card withdrawals by an individual after they have resigned from an organisation surely must be reported to the police as fraud? In failing to do this, the whole team became complicit – no wonder black listing and immediate withdrawal of funding were instituted. These people have ruined the opportunities and future of those they were meant to assist (breech of trust). I’m surprised they still view themselves as saints who want to be fire-walled from the fallout emanating from their errors of omission and commission involving thousands of dollars/euros. This is what corporate governance is all about.

    Makes one wonder if inadequate criteria were used to select THEM in the first place…or they just didn’t have the required corporate/financial/administrative backgrounds etc

    My observation – some of these people actually learnt to steal (and succeeded).

  6. Techie

    This is pretty bad, i received a response to the above article from Hypercube. Im waiting to see another publication by Techzim when they gets facts.

    This is getting hot, not very good at all

    1. K

      It done been hot. Avert your eyes. smh

  7. Mike

    In all this Sir Nigel is quite apa he was the one who put up the team …. vakuru ava vaka ruva mari…. am also told that someone from HIVOS took part in this scandal. Also if you have noticed 263chat no longer does those so called social events, he was blacklisted nema NGO

  8. Zaka

    Ha ha ha ha. After a brief period of strategizing Rinesh Desai and Munya Chiura have finally identified their sacrificial lamb to lay all the blame for causing their woes they that they caused themselves. In such cases the sacrificial lamb would be an individual who was probably overworked and underpaid at their defunct hub. However no one is going to believe them if the sacrificial lamb turns out to be a small fish. My advice to them is that the only way out of this quagmire is for them to negotiate with the new hypercube guys otherwise the ghost of hypercube will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Inga zvakaoma, vans Rinesh waya wakutopawo mastatement akadayi….

    1. L.S.M Kabweza


      1. Zaka

        I cant find another way these guys can get out of this with dignity..