These bluetooth item finders will save you time and energy

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When your day is hectic, small but important things often love playing hide and seek with you; and I’m pretty sure most of us find this quite annoying and as a serious waste of time. It’s bad enough to misplace things on a fairly relaxed day, what more when you already have a workload that doesn’t match your time. Pressure and frustration should just never be experienced simultaneously. Well, if you can relate to such days, why not try out the Bluetooth-based item trackers/finders?

Item trackers are often very small devices (ranging from coin size to double that or sometimes more) that can be attached to valuables such as keys, wallets, laptops, TV remotes, backpacks etc… by sticking, hanging or just simply inserting.

These devices are then connected to the complementary phone application which can be downloaded from the App store and/or Play store for free or otherwise. So if or rather when you misplace your item, you can just ring it, follow the sound to locate it. The maximum ringing volume for these trackers vary from brand to brand, the best from my search ring up to 100dB (see this for how loud that is).

Some of the best bluetooth tracker brands out there include TileChipolo, TrackRDuet and hipKey. If loud is what you’re looking for, from my search, the loudest ones are made by Chipolo and Tile. Also, item trackers, like every other tracker, work within a specified range which is from a radius of about 30m (TrackR) to the best on the market so far being about 60m (also Chipolo and Tile).

Some of these item trackers have geo-fencing features such that when your phone is separated beyond the set distance from, say, your keys, a separation alert is sent to your phone. Likewise, when the tracker goes out of range, a notification is sent to your phone. If you miss the notification, you can still use the map on the App to the check out the last marked GPS location.

To those who actually lose or misplace their phones much more than they misplace other valuables, don’t worry, these Bluetooth-based item trackers still got’yah. You can either double press or shake the tracker (depending on the brand) to ring your phone regardless of whether it’s on silent or not! – now that’s double cool especially when you misplace it soon after that meeting or Church service. Bluetooth-based item trackers also vary on whether the battery can be charged or not e.g. the HipKey needs recharging roughly after 4 months while other trackers have non-rechargeable batteries with 12 month battery life.

Well, since I offered these Bluetooth-based item trackers as a solution, I’m obligated to tell you where to find them – within the country of course since our bond notes and goats limit us from making international online purchases. However, I have good and bad news. The bad news being I could not find any tech company online (company website, local classifieds sites etc..) that has them. The good news is they may be available in some gadget shops around the country and this is certainly the case for Bulawayo where I stay. The local shop that sells them here have the Chipolo for $45. We’ve asked them to put their contacts in the comments section so check below.

If you know any other local gadgets shop that has them, please include them in the comments.


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    For those who would like to have Chipolo bluetooth keyfinder you can contact ThinkSmart Solutions on +263 774 378 200 or you can email us at We can arrange for demostrations of the product and fill you in on how it can save you the most precious resource: Time