Top up your current qualification to a degree at ASHE International College

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I promised to follow up on the narrative about ASHE International College, here I am keeping a promise…

Last time I mainly touched on the Australian Matriculation programme that ASHE offers. In keeping with their belief in flexibility, ASHE runs professional programmes with multiple exit points from Certificate to Degree.

Currently, the college is training the next leaders in the fields of IT, Marketing and Accounting. These courses will result in HEXCO certification at Certificate, Diploma or Higher National Diploma levels.

This is awesome because it allows the student to learn and acquire each successive qualification at their own pace. Good news to those who are already employed but seeking to beef up their CVs: you don’t have to quit work! ASHE has evening/weekend classes as well especially structured for members of the workforce.

In the spirit of saving best for last, here is the real innovation at ASHE International College: you can top up your diploma to a degree! The college is partnering universities in the United Kingdom and in Malaysia to offer what they call degree top ups. You do the requisite courses at ASHE and then graduate with a degree from these universities.

That is two at the price of one, isn’t it? You not only enjoy the flexibility of studying locally at ASHE but you also get a degree from an international university. What are you waiting for? Click here to sign up for any of these programmes.

Next time I will look at the student culture at ASHE or perhaps chat with a former student, should be interesting. Look out for that…



  1. Langton


  2. Stewart

    ummmm, How recognizable and genuine are the programmes? We trust you Techzim and hopefully the commercial aspect ddnt cloud your judgements!

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hey Stewart thanks for the trust! We do not take it for granted at all. The Certificate up to HND levels are HEXCO certified which is quite recognized is it not? I can’t say much regarding the degree top up itself because there are numerous universities around the world but no definitive scale on how they stack up against each other. We however, cannot deny that the delivery of these qualifications by ASHE in a ‘modular’ format is quite laudable and it breaks down the elephant to bite sizes. My opinion is that this should be replicated as much as possible.

  3. Macd Chip

    What makes them different from other degrees and doctorates coming from Phillipines and the Far East? Right now in Zim we have more Doctors than patience but its not reflecting on the practical side, people are still dying and economy shrinking.

    Lets not be victims of our own desire to learn. Fraudsters do not have morals, they only honour their own pockets!!

    Im more interested to know more about IT field, just mentioning it is not good enough for seasoned readers here. What makes it different from the ones being offered in local Universities, after all, it local teachers who are overlooking them.

    To me its the same scam being played because every scammer now knows that Zimbos have a very strange taste for foreign stuff but lacks integrate to scrutinise everything properly

    What universities in UK are this now being related to. Im more interested with the IT side of things?

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hi Macd

      You raised a few issues. First, this piece was not meant to drill down on respective programmes but to outline what is on offer and lead you to then do your due diligence based on your objectives and experience. So I advise that you give them a call or visit them on their website to learn more about what IT related programmes are on offer and how they compare to your expectations.
      On relevancy, please refer to my comment above.
      My last comment however, is that it is unfair to label anyone a fraudster just for stepping out to do something different. I understand your concerns though having been burnt a few times myself but it is recklessness to ascribe labels based on our past experiences and not on evidence don’t you think?

      1. Macd Chip

        Actually there is nothing new about that. Universities in Zim offer even classes and distance learning. Re-spinning the wheel doesnt mean you are doing anything new. What can only be different is the speed and force you are applying