Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries adopts Facebook Live as its latest broadcast channel

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PHD Ministries, one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent churches most popularly know through the works of its founder Prophet Walter Magaya recently announced that it would be live streaming its services on Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is the mobile broadcast video feature from the popular social media platform which allows users to livestream themselves to their friends and followers.

It was opened up to all users in 2016 but in Zimbabwe, it has gained some prominence since the beginning of the year.

A number of issues that have been topical in Zimbabwe like the public breakup of Zimbabwe Hip Hop star Stunner and Olinda, as well as interviews of personalities like Joice Mujuru and Evan Mawarire happened on Facebook Live.

Facebook Live has essentially emerged as an alternative channel for the millions of Zimbabweans in the country and abroad accessing the internet, especially via their phones.

Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries

This Facebook Live broadcast isn’t the first online channel for PHD Ministries.  It actually has its own telecast service, Yadah TV which is broadcast via YouTube and a live stream on the Yadah TV app.

At the same time, Walter Magaya also boasts of a strong digital footprint and his work and stories about him are extremely popular among Zimbabwean internet users.

It looks like PHD Ministries’ move to broadcast Walter Magaya’s services via Facebook fits well into the church leader’s internet relevance and will assist the church in extending its coverage by opening up to over 200,000 followers and tapping into the Facebook Live phenomenon, something that other churches will probably do as well.


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  2. Inga

    Prudent business move. To beat the physical limitations of the brick and mortar church, you have to diversify your channels and get your product in front of as many potential contributors as possible

  3. cgb

    More and more Zim Prophets have caught the wind and are embracing the technology to reach many more potential…..

  4. artwell bonga

    Thank-you for this channel phophet,but phpphet l have a question,can you be able to heal someone through face book

  5. Anonymous

    I’m not Zimbabwean,what does the word Zvasiyana means?ok the english one we are shifting to higher levels.Do the people who criticise pray before they write,dont because of pride allow your self to be used by the devil.Better not talking if you dont understand something.Mbiri kunanii.

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      Thank Papa

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    Thanx prophet for this opotun

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      Francis kuda woto

  7. Weston Muchedzi

    Zvasiyana. He is a God of Miracles.

  8. tashine kamangira

    thank you daddy zvasiyana …

    1. Martin

      He is a god of miracle

  9. Weston Muchedzi

    I must testify one day. The world must believe that indeed you are a Living God. My Great, Master Healer.

  10. Johnwhite f

    Thank you my father prophet w magaya for being a father figure head full of wisdom and grace

  11. Loveness

    Zvasiyana he is a God of miracles

  12. Naison Saungweme

    lsrael connect pfacha with man of God PWM,Zvasiyana.May God increase u more.Tiri munyasha.

  13. Anonymous

    Thank u daddy we appreciate every move u make, Zvasiyana in Bulawayo .

  14. Theresa Tichana

    Tino Tenda Nyasha Dzataka Itirwa Mwari Kutipa Muprofita Munyika ,thank Father For Openig Our Eyes,