GTeL Zimbabwe is giving away 2GB of Econet data to users of some of its devices

Nigel Gambanga Avatar
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GTeL the local phone brand that’s positioned itself as one of the leading providers of devices on credit is rewarding some of its customers with free data.

According to a promotion posted on ist social media platform, GTeL will be offering users of the GTeL X4 and GTeL A713 Vivo Pro 2 GB of free data for Econet broadband subscribers.

A notification will be sent via SMS and people with devices are supposed to send a confirmation when they get the data.According to a flier for the giveaway, this is just a sign of GTeL’s appreciation for people’s support.

The GTeL X4 is the brand’s flagship device while the A713 Vivo is one of GTeL’s mid-range smartphones. It looks like another spirited effort at boosting sales of both devices while providing a freebie on one commodity – broadband – that every smartphone user in Zimbabwe acknowledges as being expensive.