Zimbabwe’s telecoms products compared – Here’s what $10 gets you on Econet, NetOne and Telecel

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Zimbabwe’ three mobile network operators – Econet, NetOne and Telecel all have the same pitch for broadband and voice delivery – “We promise you our beloved subscriber a world of unlimited communication possibilities with a guarantee that your money will be best spent with us”.

The reality, though, is that some of these promises aren’t kept. Service delivery isn’t always satisfactory with cases of dropped calls, data that vanishes and throttled connections. All operators are guilty of this and we’d like to believe the regulator is using its new framework for service delivery to enforce better service and do away with these issues.

When it comes to what you get for each dollar, though,  it’s pretty straightforward. There are different products on the market from all three mobile operators and we’ve created a snapshot of what US$10 gets you over one month from Econet, NetOne and Telecel in 2017.

One thing that’s clear is how mobile broadband services are still expensive. All three operators ought to provide subscribers with a better deal and judging from how NetOne tried to accommodate subscribers with unlimited access to social media there’s room for improvement from every provider.

WhatsApp Bundles220 MB Unlimited350 MB
Facebook Bundles220 MBUnlimited450 MB
Twitter BundlesN/AUnlimited200 MB
SMS100 texts**30 texts300 texts
Data20 MB800 MBN/A
On-Net Calls16.54 minutes**130 minutes150 minutes
Off-Net CallsN/A40 minutes25 minutes

*Econet does not provide a comprehensive package for monthly Voice, Data and SMS. This summary considers a spread of $10 spent across the three areas. 

** Valid for 5 days only



  1. Stapler

    Netone is much better

    1. Charles Muzonzini

      In theory. But will it actually work and be fast?

      1. Anonymous

        Yes very satisfied with it

  2. limwa

    Netone. ishasha. ungaidini. hapana zvaungaiita and hapana

  3. fungaizw

    only Econet bundles can make Whatsapp voice and video calls. The other 2 do not have that facility, i have lines from all networks and i have tried all

  4. follow

    potraz should give other networks ma promotions not kuita chi face