TelOne ups speeds & data allowances on its ADSL, now offers 30 GB for $25 & 60 GB for $42

Nigel Gambanga Avatar
TelOne App, TelOne customer care

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s State-owned fixed telecoms operator recently lowered the prices of its fibre to the home packages, bringing down the cost of a basic residential fibre connection to $23.

This wasn’t the only change, though. Its ADSL lineup has also been revised with the retirement of its $15/ 4GB package. It also increased the speeds and data limits on its two remaining ADSL packages.

The $25 Home Plus package now offers 30 GB (with speeds of up to 3 Mbps) up from 20 GB (with speeds of 1 Mbps). The $42 Home Premier package’s data limit has been increased by 10 GB and now offers 60 GB (with speeds of up to 4 Mbps, an increase from 2 Mbps limit).

With internet usage patterns having undergone a natural change brought on by the increased consumption of data-intensive content in the form of live and on-demand video as well as images, TelOne’s data allowance increase ought to put smiles on subscribers faces.

It also increases TelOne ADSL’s value proposition against expensive data alternatives like mobile broadband and manages to position limited ADSL packages like the $42/60 GB Home Premier option as a suitable option for subscribers looking for an internet package that can accommodate VOD services like Netflix and Showmax.


  1. Mwalimu

    I hope they are backing up this increase with equipment as well. We are tired of being told that they are waiting for more ports to be allocated once equipment arrives from Harare. Put simply telone Adsl is a Harare service

  2. Dave

    Very erratic service and the speeds are never really what they claim

    1. Brian Tau

      I beg to differ, been using telone ADSL for over 2 years and the speed is quite good and stable. Actually switched from ZOL wimax to telone ADSL and I haven’t regretted

    2. tendy

      i beg to differ too, have been on telone for over a year and a half now after moving from ZOL wimax & powertel. Have never had any speeds nor connectivity problems.

  3. Happy

    Well it depends on your area…. In Milton park and belvedere…. It’s really good… I’ve been using for 3 years and there’s no better value on the market

  4. cass

    the speeds are very far from what they really advertise …. it’s all false advertising

  5. Telone Evangelist

    suddenly self service is not allowing us to log in

    1. Michael

      Been trying to log in,at one time it didn’t give my data usage update now I can’t log in for incorrect login details, I change nothing!! Strange!!,but am happy with the speed though..

    2. tendy

      could this mean that they aren’t billing???

  6. Taps

    How secure is the telone adsl internet from hackers/poachers?

  7. Mercy

    I have been having speeds of around 2.68 for over a year on the $42 package. The problem arises when you want to watch Live tv through your smart box on your tv. If you want to go that route and you live in Harare, Bulawayo or Vic Falls then you lucky to have access to fibre in a few areas. But any where else you have to put up with adsl and constant buffering, as Live Tv ( not Netflix ) only works properly on 10 mbps.

  8. Jimbo

    Have had it for a month in chitungwiza though the speeds are nothing like advertised its still the best value for money for me as i can stream on YouTube without buffering as well as download on speeds of 500Kb so for me definitely better than the others isps like Powertel and Africom which i have used.Another plus is the free setup costs and equipment

  9. Sagitarr

    ADSL from TelOne is the best value for money on the market currently. With $25/30GB its a give-away. Unfortunately we do different things with data which may mean unpleasant experience for some. Basic movie downloading e.g. on Youtube is flawless and full length movies less than 300MB can be downloaded reasonably fast. Even if EW might have higher speeds, their $20/750MB is far from being cheap/affordable.

  10. Long time zol user

    Great its time for Zol to pay for their terrible customer service!

  11. Nicky Kadzombe

    netone adsl is excellent the speeds are very good i like it personally