Say hello everyone to Nokia 6. The first of many Nokia smartphones under HMD.

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Nokia has unveiled its long anticipated Android Nougat powered Nokia 6 which has been launched exclusively in China.

The smartphone is a proper midranger which looks fantastic from the press images (or I’m just too nostalgic from the news). A few words from the press release.

Our ambition is to deliver a premium product, which meets consumer needs at every price point, in every market. We start today, with our premium, high quality Nokia 6; built to deliver a fantastic core user experience for Chinese consumers. We look forward to unveiling further products in the first half of this year.


  • 5.5 inch 1080 x 1920 Full HD display
  • 16MP rear camera
  • 8MP front camera
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB internal storage
  • Snapdragon 430 cpu with adreno 503 graphics
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • 4G LTE Cat 6

The smartphone has a full aluminium body topped off with a slab of 2.5D curved glass to keep up appearances and all that for a tantalising $245. Availability is currently set at early 2017 with a global launch expected mid 2017 as well as official presence at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in February this year.


  1. Chief Of Protocol ??

    $245 that’s a lot of bang for the buck given that it’s a well specced device

  2. Macd Chip

    One feature which have always made me miss Nokia was the FM transmitter, very useful if you are driving and have FM radio.
    That feature in not on this device, not sure if they have completely stopped it! Im now comfortable with samsung, will watch closely where Nokia is going

  3. me thinks

    from a distance, the specs are good. remains to be seen if Nokia will unveil other gadgets to capture a healthy market share

  4. Dhivhah

    is th battery removable,,,

    posted from my NOKIA 808 PureView

    1. Macd Chip

      The battery is not removable

  5. Dhivhah

    Thnx Macd Chip,,, am not a fan of sealed batteries,,, but l thnk all othr specs of th Nokia 6 ar gud,,, l wonder why NOKIA wznt mekin a android phone all this tym

    posted from my NOKIA 808 PureView

    1. Macd Chip

      Pride is what l think almost killed Nokia!

      They had Symbian OS, which is a feature OS. By volumes, Nokia was out selling everyone when it comes to phones being sold. Even iPhone, Blackberry and MS was no match.

      When Google first released Android, Apple refused to use it, Microsoft and Blackberry also refused to use it as they rightly felt it was directly competeting with what they had already. Even Samsung had Tizen

      So Nokia also felt the same, why would they agree to use Android when they had the world under their feet with Symbian.

      Bt Google played a fast one, they then released Android as a sort of Opensource project, which means any phone manufacturer can use it and adapt it to their hardware needs.

      Samsung jumped on the opportunity and that changed the game freezing the development of their Tizen OS in the process.
      Nokia continued with their pride and released MeeGo OS, which is fully Opensource, but it was too late by then.

      The phone side was sold to Micro$haft which immediately froze Symbian from high end phones and replaced it with their use windows things.

    2. tinm@n

      Because of the former Microsoft Chief Operating Idiot, Steve Balmer and his team of overenthusiastic, overreaching designers that decided they could go off against the grain and redefine the fundamental phone user experience.

      All overseeing the destruction of Nokia and the horrid tile-based interface.

  6. Dhivhah

    symbian wz cool,,, windows phone wz a total failure (though l liked it),,, there z nothing more yu cn do on a windows phone except mekin calls, whatsApp, facebook & play games,,, most apps ar not available in th microsoft store & for unknown they killed project astoria wc wz for porting android apps to windows phone,,, android z nw th most prefered OS these dyz,,, l hope Nokia 6 will came pre-installed with Google Play Store

  7. C. Machingambi

    these phones you call original phones are too expensive for me. tell me other phones with same features though not a popular brand.

  8. ketan

    Now what happen with Microsoft ? r they lunch thier new phone or just give updates in windows 10 phone ? Or they r not in race with other brand.

    1. Phone Fight!

      They still own the valuable Lumia brand so I think you will find new models coming for some time. Whats interesting though is the rumour i heard that a surface phone is being developed. That would leave Lumia to fight Nokia in the mid range race.

  9. Dhivhah

    microsoft is not goin anywhe,,, their universal app campaign z jst a failure,,, nobody gvz a reep abt contana