Looking for the best WhatsApp & Facebook deal? – here’s a comparison of Econet, NetOne & Telecel bundles

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The cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe might have been recently reversed after a huge outcry from the public, but that doesn’t change the fact that the cost of staying connected is still prohibitive for a lot of people.

Which is why social media bundles are such a hit. These packages provided by all three mobile network operators (Econet, NetOne and Telecel) offer discounted access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter for a daily, weekly or monthly subscription.

Even with their conflict with net neutrality, these bundles have become one of the best ways for Zimbabweans to stay online. It’s no wonder then that WhatsApp and Facebook are the most popular internet services in Zimbabwe.

In the table below, we have drawn comparisons of all three networks’ Facebook and WhatsApp bundles. This is based on cost as well as the data allowances (they are now all capped) from all three operators.

It gives a quick look at how much you’d need to spend on each network and will hopefully be helpful to subscribers who are contemplating a switch from one operator to another.

MOBILE OPERATORS/ValidityFacebook BundlesWhatsApp Bundles
24 hours0.30200.3020
7 days0.95700.9590
30 days3.002203.00220
24 hours0.27270.2727
7 days0.87800.8780
30 days2.80225280225
24 hours0.35200.3520
7 days1.001001.00180
30 days2.852002.85300


  1. Seta

    For those who buy both Whatsapp and Facebook bundles its a better deal to purchase Net*One’s One Fussion 5 which is not only cheaper but also gives larger bundles. The drawback of Net*One is the speed which is a little slower than Econet’s in most places. Net*One is also unavailable sometimes like we had no network coverage since yesterday up to today afternoon.

  2. tapiwa

    Clearly Netone is just copying and pasting Telecel products and Econet still remains the most expensive but provides best quality in terms of data and voice. Well from the pricing i would go for Telecel cheaper and more data. One fusion good product but starts at $5 which is too far from “my” pocket, i’m sure its for the rich. $5 buys me 1KG beef $2, cooking oil $1, sugar $1,50, bread $0.50.

    1. techie

      so keep on the expensive bundles and enjoy your lunch

  3. Allaz

    Since price were being adjusted, why couldn’t they just work it out to a round figure – like make it a simple dollar for 92MB. Kanyaya ikako kekuda kudya that 13c change through out-of-bundle pricing is very scummy business practice!

  4. james

    you left out that Only the Econet whatsapp bundle supports voice calls

    1. techie

      even net1 onefusionn