How far will $7 take you on Econet, Netone and Telecel.

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If you are wondering how you might work out a budget for staying online as much as you did about a week ago then look no further. Allow us to give you a rough outline

So for arguments sake we will use an average that we got from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s Average Revenue Per User for 2016 which was actually $6.84 but for ease of calculation we just use $7.


From that figure we can safely imply that $3 goes to a Facebook monthly bundle and another $3 goes to a WhatsApp monthly bundle. The remaining dollar is left for lets say a daily data bundle.

So this equates to a combined 440MB of Facebook and WhatsApp data plus an extra 250MB worth of a daily bundle giving a grand total is 690MB for $7.

Now you want to enjoy the same amount of online primetime with the new tariffs then you will need to set aside a cool $27 (300MB @ $10 x2 + 50MB @ $3 x1 + 10MB @ $1 x4).

However let’s say you wish to keep your budget at a wallet friendly $7 the best deal you can get is 145MB (125MB @ $5 + 10MB @ $1 x2).


Telecel recently slashed its daily bundles by half but maintained its Facebook and WhatsApp bundles. Still on our $7 budget you can have 1.65GB worth of data (500MB @ $2 x3 + 150MB @ $1 x1).

You can also get Facebook and WhatsApp monthly bundles at $2.85 each meaning you have $1.30 left to spare for let’s say another 150MB daily bundle and some few cents to call someone.

So that is a tantalizing 1.65GB for $7.


NetOne still holds onto its pride and joy that is OneFusion. Netone has not revised its tariffs and packages (yet) hence using the same budget of $7 you can get yourself a OneFusion 5 that comes with 300MB of data, 700MB WhatsApp data, 900MB Facebook data giving a total of 1900 MB or 1.9GB of data.

On top of this you get 18 off net minutes and 60 on net minutes and 15 text messages just to sweeten the deal.

But wait this was just $5. We still have 2 dollars left that we can spend on DollarADay $2 and it gives you an additional 60MB data, 30 on net minutes, 8 off net minutes and 240 minutes  night talk time from 10pm Р5am.

That’s a grand total of 1.96GB for $7.

So if you were to decide on where to spend your hard earned $7 I hope this gives you a bit of light. One might argue that the validity period of these bundles is miles apart. Yes it is but in this article we are trying to focus on the most value you can get for your money disregarding validity period.


  1. Dumza

    Interesting, but how do connection speeds compare between the networks.

  2. e

    amana telecel muchimbudzi here

  3. Mupari

    Also you did not factor in the free wifi bonus tht comes with the bundles.

    1. magas

      i believe those wifi bundles are not much of a factor considering that not many people use them at the moment since wifi hotspots are limited

  4. Shark

    How much data does an average user consume per day?