10 Things You Need To Do Before You Make Money

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I know its a strange article to write but this will keep you focused and give you awesome perspective on why you don’t have money yet. Somehow the universe is conspiring to make sure you have mastered and done these 10 essential things before you make money, failure to do so will result in you having money but losing it.

1. Don’t Worry Be Happy

Time has a way of making sure you worry about the important things in life and if you pay attention to all the good that has happened, all your happy endings you will realise that you should have just been happy and worried less. So learn how to do this now before money clouds this amazing ability not to worry.

2. Make Friends

Its great to know your real friends and friendships are truly tested in the absence of money. Somehow you never know who really has your back when your account is loaded. Don’t wish for riches when you don’t even have the right people or the ability to identify the right people in your life.

3. Fall in Love

What a wonderful thing to meet up with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. It’s even more amazing when you get to build a dream together from scratch. This is a great time in your life to find your happy before its hard to truly know if you are in love or just a SUGAR MUMMY or DADDY later in life.

4. Find your purpose

Sometimes you must use these moments when you think life is giving you a raw deal to truly understand what you were put on this earth for. Find your spiritual centre, your reason for living and you will stop being a toaster that acts like a blender or a washing machine that is frustrated why it can’t be a television. Knowing purpose will help you to become a success and there make a lot of money.

5. Build Skill

Skill is a result of problem solving. So the more problems you have early on, the better you are going to be at solving them. The challenge I always have with my friends is the expression “Why do I always get myself into these situations???” Here’s how I can help you with that, Imagine a mop always complaining why its called in to clean up a mess? That’s because it is the purpose of the mop to clean. Maybe you are a mop? Be the best mop!

6. Acquire Knowledge

There’s nothing like time to help you know more stuff. Take time to Analyse, Question, Implements and Reflect. The more you do that the more you tune your knowledge base. Share your knowledge to gain more understanding. When you empty your brain to other people your brain fills up with more knowledge. I write this to you and I do not have money in my account, that does not mean I will never have money in my account. My knowledge gets better with every article presentation and conversation I have and this makes me climb that ladder faster.

7. Wisdom

There is nothing like a few mistakes under your belt to make you wise. Being burnt a couple of times give you perspective. Falling a few times or stumbling makes you human. Being human allows you to connect better to people and rise faster to your target. You need to understand how to pay attention to life’s lessons when you feel beat down.

8. Experience

Experience will save you a lot of money in the future. Look at time as an investment. Did you seek to become better or did you just complain when the going got tough? Sometimes when none is paying attention or helping or interested is the time you should be busy clocking those hours even for no pay to get experience. Once your 10,000 hours are done you will be untouchable.

9. Love yourself

I tried to commit suicide in my twenties because I used to seek validation from others. So when others didn’t show me love I lost the need to exist. God showed me I was important to Him but most importantly I was important to myself. I was made a creator and so I gained confidence in myself when I felt I had nothing left. Its been the hallmark of my career to not be swayed but instead to believe in myself.

10. See the World

Travel and see the planet with those you love. Take time out, get out, see, experience and savour every moment of it. Life has a way of not giving us second chances and it has a way of blessing us when we don’t appreciate our blessings. Don’t let bad times distract you from the good times that surround them. We think travel is for the rich but in 2016 I travelled to so many countries while I was broke.

This article is a guest post from Zimbabwean standup comedian and entrepreneur Carl Joshua Ncube. It first appeared on his Facebook page, one of the many places where you can catch him and a glimpse of some of his content.


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