TECNO Mobile partners up with Manchester City FC [Update]

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Yesterday TECNO mobile signed a partnership with one of the premium football clubs Manchester City to be their Tablet and Handset partner. The partnership is said to be a ‘multi-year agreement’ and one that will definitely be a big one for the Chinese based Afrocentric mobile phone maker in terms of getting their brand out.


Here are a few words from Tom Glick the Chief Commercial Officer for Manchester City FC 

We are delighted to welcome TECNO Mobile to Manchester City’s growing repertoire of global partners. Its global focus coupled with a commitment to each of its local markets reflects our ethos and we look forward to working with them to connect with Manchester City’s global fan base.

The partnership might be an indication of how confident Tecno mobile is with their handsets and could be a strategic measure of entering into the cutthroat European market. If you were skeptical about new smartphone brands maybe this can entice you to consider a Tecno. You can learn more about a couple of their handsets in our reviews.


  1. behankey

    This is good news. Tecno steadily spreading like wildfire

    1. T-girl

      Spreading like wildfire my brother.

  2. scarycuteface

    This partnership is another giant stride from Tecno mobile. A massive boost

  3. adeolusegun

    Sure this move is going to push Tecno mobile to the fore. It’s going to put them under the spotlight.

    1. T-girl

      To be honest, with their launch in Dubai and this signing with a British football team, I see them taking the spotlight in all countries.

  4. TamaraPosibi

    This is truly amazing from tecno. Their signing with ManCity is a strategic move to launch in Britain.

    1. T-girl

      I have the exact same thoughts. Britain is a conservative market so they really stand a chance.

  5. Tapp

    This brand has really evolved from what I’ve seen. The tecno team is truly competent

    1. T-girl

      With what they’ve achieved in ten years, I truly concur with your statement!

  6. T-girl

    This is a really impressive move from tecno. I predict that they want to launch into Britain.

    1. T-girl

      You can say that again. Tecno has really evolved.

  7. Ivvy

    this is top move from tecno, showshow better they have become

  8. Xhalim

    wow, i always said teecno with tme will be the top brand, this is what im takingof, nice one

  9. princessx

    first time in the last 15 years a phone brand is patnering with a football club, says alot bout them

  10. Burmese

    i think tecno is leading now, and others follow…. this is just an awesome news, makes them trustworthy more