Amazon’s latest tool for thrifty developers & lean startups is a $5 virtual private server

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Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing subsidiary of Amazon and giant in that specific space is currently hosting AWS re:Invent 2016 – this year’s edition of its annual customer and partner conference.

Some of the highlights of the conference have been some new products that are meant to reaffirm AWS’ place as a leader in the cloud tech space.

One example is Amazon Lightsail the new virtual private server (VPS) line that is designed to give users the option to set up a VPS in the cloud for as little as $5 per month.

It’s geared towards developers working on scalable solutions who aren’t keen on understanding the mechanics in server setup but just want a simple, effective and affordable server option.

Setting up a Lightsail VPS involves clicking through a set of simple options that include picking a bundle (they range from $5 to $80 per month) that suits user requirements related to memory and computing power data transfer and storage.

The price structure and ease of use are clearly best suited for the startup developer or small dev department that isn’t looking for the massive nature and costs associated with dedicated hosting or the occasional inflexibility that comes with shared hosting.

Amazon is clearly tapping into a significant market that’s already been explored by other cloud service providers like DigitalOcean which has the same VPS solution with identical bundles.

Which makes it seem like Amazon is just out to recapture every sort of low hanging fruit, however small, in cloud service provision.

Whatever the motivation, this is another option that startups and developers that are running lean can turn to.

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