EcoCash BUY ZESA feature now avalaible, buy your prepaid electricity in 7 easy steps

Batsirai Chikadaya Avatar

You can now purchase ZESA electricity tokens via EcoCash Directly. To purchase your ZESA token follow these 7 easy steps:

  1. dial *151#
  2. Select option 2 “Make Paymentmake-payment
  3. Select option 5 “Pay ZESApay-zesa
  4. Select option 1 “Buy Tokensave-for-web
  5. Enter “Amount”img_8075
  6. Enter Your “Meter Number”meter-no
  7. Confirm Payment & Details “Enter 1details
  8. You should then receive a confirmation notice on EcoCash and via SMSmsg



  1. EcoMagetsi

    Finally , hopes it works well

  2. ManFidza

    this is the end of all small ZESA token vendors…..eventually.

    1. chisony

      thats tru

  3. anon

    whats min purchase value? thought it was $3

    1. Batsirai Chikadaya

      Funny thing I experienced, I tried $1 first, it refused, then I tried out $2, refused 2 times, I thought maybe I didn’t have money, checked balance then tried one more time and it worked? On $1 it said transaction below allowed minimum bill payment value of $0.50, Please enter an Amount Above the Minimum Bill payment value of $0.50.

      1. anon

        hahaha maybe you owe zesa money so your $1 is actually 50cents!

  4. TheVictim

    convenience to customers bt sub agents are out of business, mari inoenda kune vakapfuma kare

    1. Anonymous

      u honestly dont expect big businesses to stop operating.

      U seem to believe munhu anofanira kutsvaga mari to some level then osiira vamwe. U forget kuti that person made mone because ane better ideas or better implementation than those who failed. so its good for us all kuti aite business than kusiira van gono.

      1. d sibanda

        I have just bought a $4 zesa token and got confirmation only no token number. its 3 hours what do I do

  5. therambo

    I tried it when I had $4 and wanted $3.50 electricity coupon and it said your float does not allow you, seems you are charged a dollar for that??

    1. Greay

      You are actually not charged, 5 dollars gives u 5 dollars assuming u dont owe anything to ZEsa

  6. Synodia

    For me I think this is a welcome and convenient development…especially considering the frustrations i have met on a number of times after traveling all the way to an agent/ zesa office only to be told dat the network is dwn. Thank you ZESA and EcoCash i can now pay my zesa whilst in my blankets. lol

  7. Gava Redhorobha

    Finally!!!!! Like most things in our beloved country, they come after the majority have suffered and struggled.

  8. allaz

    It’s a great service – just make sure you don’t buy when magetsi anyasopera zvachose coz these systems always act up on THAT DAY when you really needed it urgently. Took me five or six tries to get through the whole process without it freezing or just crashing but once I did, it was good. What they really need is a longcode (or is it shortcode? – like *151*2*5*etc) so that I don’t have to go through so many steps and can just pre-enter the code combination plus meter number without it crashing or timing out mid-process.

  9. magas

    are you charged for buying electricity thru ecocash, that is if you have $5 in your wllet you can not buy $5 worth of electricity

  10. Graham

    i think its a convenient offering considering the ever increasing shortages of hard cash with most mobile agents not offering ‘cash outs” . i hv just bot my zesa using ecocash whilst im in a kombi from skl….thanks zesa and eco cash. i hope we will not start to hear such issues like ‘system is down etc……

  11. Anonymous

    Help … My payment was successful … But no voucher .. Used the ‘retrieve voucher” option but it came back “external application down” .. Same thing ALL DAY .. Dialed the help number 114 but it just keeps cutting ☹️