Breaking News – POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator appoints a new boss

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POTRAZ, Telecoms in Zimbabwe

POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s post and telecommunications regulator has finally announced the appointment of a new and substantive Director General. Dr Gift Kallisto Machengete has been chosen by the POTRAZ board to take charge of the regulator.

Dr Machengete takes over from Cecilia Nyamutswa the POTRAZ legal director who was the most recent administrator to assume the role of Acting Director General. Over the past few years, other administrators who have led POTRAZ in an acting capacity include Baxton Sirewu and Alfred Marisa.

The new Director General, Dr Machengete, holds an undergraduate degree in Economics form the University of Zimbabwe, an MBA and Doctorate in Business Administration from Southern Cross University (Australia).

For over 30 years he has worked in leadership roles in the public sector in roles that have included senior advisory positions in policy, budgeting, management and financial planning.

He has worked in academia as a lecturer at Bindura University and he also has extensive experience in Foreign Affairs having served as a diplomat in China and Malaysia.

He is listed on the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) website as one of its directors and as the Director of Administration and Finance in the President’s Office.

As the new head of POTRAZ Dr Machengete will take a lead role in policy regulation for the entire industry and is expected to greatly impact the initiatives that POTRAZ has been engaged in as a key stakeholder in local technology.


  1. Wengai

    Chinyavada ichi nothing new coming to potraz

  2. joku

    One of the few CIO who is level headed.

  3. Gutchu

    what about Sibanda/

  4. Mwana waMambo

    Congratulations. Well deserved appointment.

  5. Anonymous

    Wonder how much his salary is going to be???????

  6. kathrine Uhendibaba