Looking for entrepreneurial fuel (& free internet)? Checkout Steward Bank’s Incubation Pod

Nigel Gambanga Avatar
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Can innovation and entrepreneurship be taught or they are innate qualities that you have or don’t?

Well, there are a lot of things that feed into those two areas that can be shared by those that have the right understanding and experience.

Steward Bank recently started investing in teaching and sharing this knowledge when through the Steward Bank Incubation Pod in Avondale Harare which was launched in August 2016.

This is a place where you’ll get (through regular workshops) free skills development, networking, resources like the internet and a working space.

Even though it sounds like just another great PR hook, it’s more than that, though.

It’s part of the bank’s strategy to disseminate entrepreneurial skills and provide some resources to entrepreneurs, something that Steward Bank has to reinforce if it’s going to extend loans to these startups and entrepreneurs.

For tech startups and anyone trying to get a feel of how business works it’s good to know that there’s a working space with some great resources (besides the networking opportunities I love the “free internet” bit there) that you can make use of every Friday.


  1. bryn

    its a good idea but why Harare. there is a lot of talent outside Harare

  2. Rgm

    Because ndiko kune mari wangu

  3. raymond

    mari irikwese kwese hama