This error has local internet provider Powertel offering “free malware” benefits

Nigel Gambanga Avatar
Powertel Zimbabwe

Here’s something that you might have noticed floating around on social media in the past few days  – Zimbabwean internet provider Powertel has listed malware as one of the benefits of its Powertel Community Wifi service.

Malware (malicious software) which is basically all forms of nasty software that include viruses, worms, and ransomware is in no way beneficial to anyone using a machine or accessing the internet.

In fact, all service providers and their users have to guard against it religiously.

Which is why it’s a bit puzzling that this sort of mistake slipped through the cracks and ended up on Powertel’s promotional material.

When we reached out to the Powertel team to find out how such a glaring error had been overlooked they chalked it up to a “genuine design and copy mistake” that had affected a single batch of fliers.

According to the Powertel team, they have since recalled the faulty copies.


  1. ruben

    Clearly shows that none of the employees at the parastatal have a clue of what they are doing or know of the product. Basa kungodya mari #kuripwakugara

    1. Mina

      You are right. No-one had any clue what it even means ???

    2. mukwaaa

      problem of marketers in tech companies kkkkkk

  2. Macd Chip

    They actually do offer it, l almost kissed my N8 goodbye a while back when l used it as a usb drive on one of Powertel employee’s laptop. I did lost all the pics and docs l had in it though. They openly admit that their network PCs are infested with viruses.

  3. Malware

    Really? yet they power ZESA no wonder why system for prepaid tokens is always down

  4. Keith Rose

    I recognize my laptop!