DStv adjusts programming to improve cheaper bouquets & deal with repeats, but it’s only for South African subscribers

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Multichoice’s DStv is the most successful pay TV service in Africa and has secured this with loads of content but some of its major weaknesses are all the shows that it repeats constantly.

It’s been reported that to remedy this, or to at least try to, MultiChoice announced some changes to its programming. This will involve the termination of some channels

This will involve the termination of some channels (CBS Action, CBS Drama, AMC and True Movies) and moving at least 6 channels to low-tier bouquets. It’s also adding 35 HD channels before the end of 2016.

So far these changes have been made only to DStv South Africa, which will obviously disappoint DStv Zimbabwe subscribers.

Interestingly, though, with the prevalent practice of “illegal” DStv South Africa account subscriptions in Zimbabwe, it also means that locally a significant number of subscribers will benefit from this.

With changes like this that increase the value proposition for DStv South Africa, there will always be enough reason for Zimbabweans or any other foreign subscribers that are using DStv South Africa to hold on to their accounts.

Why should they be treated separately anyway? Perhaps MultiChoice Africa, which handles DStv Zimbabwe ought to adopt the practice of syncing content and pricing with its South African counterpart.


  1. Anonymous

    Gr8 ness for me. A bit disappointed that CBS reality is not on the list of terminated channels.

  2. Julia

    Will really miss AMC – it’s one of the few decent, watchable channels. Its films are usually pretty good – not like the hectic sex/language/violence rated films on the other channels. There’s so many warnings on the grid, there’s barely room for the title!

  3. Thobani Mdima

    Great stuff multi choice, these changes are long overdue. Thank you!!

  4. Anonymous

    How about better content instead of old movies

  5. Anonymous

    What a lot for repeats and repeat channel swooping not worth. It