Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe plans system overhaul, to shut down e-banking services

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Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe will  enter into a total shutdown starting today 3pm to facilitate a system upgrade that will last until Monday 8am, according to an SMS message sent out to customers.

The bank started informing customers about this now imminent shutdown back in early July.

In a message sent out on Thursday the bank advised its customers,  “Please carry out your necessary banking transactions to cover you for the weekend before we close on Friday 15 July 2016”.

A bank employee we spoke to over the phone said the bank is overhauling its system with a view to offer better customer service when its all over.

During this weekend Stanbic ATMs, Visa cards, mobile and internet banking will all be offline. The bank’s own POS facilities in supermarkets and other places will be working but limited to only processing other banks’ Visa and MasterCard.

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  1. mwanamwana

    Yeah well done as always @Stanbic, and plz allow us to our devices in your banking halls, really in the 21st century you want to have no wifi and a banner “Strictly No Cellphones Allowed” even if youre on a tablet.